Over the years, I have attended numerous arts and crafts events and I love being part of the greater artisan community. The delicate skills and refined techniques I have seen other artists possess, continue to astound me and the creativity seems to be boundless. People of all ages and from all walks of life are creating the most stunning pieces, new techniques are being discovered and applied and artists all over the world are continually refining their skills and art.

Gathering, exchanging ideas, inspiring each other and teaching new skills and techniques has been one of my favourite endeavors and whenever I do have the privilege to connect with another artist, I come away with a genius new technique or amazing idea.

Online contact has been equally inspiring and fruitful, I have both taught and animated others and learned from and been enlightened by arts and craft creators from all over the world.

Art and the creative process are an essential aspect of our existence and promoting artistic efforts and inspiring others to discover their own imaginativeness are close to my heart. I have seen countless individuals who thought they had no artistic inclinations, create the most delicate arts and crafts and the joy, energy and vibrancy inherent in the creative process are simply good for us. People who create are in my opinion happier than those who do not, many have never been allowed or encouraged to discover their own talents and skills.

In the interest of artistic endeavors, I would like you to contact me and join our community of artists. You can supply me with your details on the contact form you will find below.

Calling all Artist or Wannabe Artists

This website is designed to provide information, tips and advices on any knitting and art and design related issue. Please get in touch with me, particularly for one of the following reasons:

  • Knitting and Arts and Craft Tutorials: If you think you would like to enrol in one of my knitting or arts and craft programs, please let me know. I will send you all the relevant information and you may even get a sneak preview. Anyone with a desire to learn can quite quickly master a new skill and the joy derived is incredible. The courses are very competitively priced and there are a wide variety of modules available to suit your schedule and allow you to pursue your particular passion.
  • Arts and Craft Instructors: If you run arts and crafts classes online or off, please get in contact we me. Let’s explore options of working together. One creative mind is good, two better and multiple creative minds, can change the world!
  • New Discovery in Art and Design: New techniques are being developed on a daily basis and I always want to be the first to discover innovative new skills. Do get in touch if you have come up with a novel skill or method and I will share it with my many website visitors.
  • Knitting and Arts and Design Events: At times, the work of very talented handcrafters does not get the deserved attention. By highlighting your event or exhibition, I would like to support your artistic efforts and share your excellent work with people from all over the world.

Getting in Touch is Easy

Please complete the contact form below. You will be in my address book and I will reply quickly and continue to keep you updated on all things knitting and art.

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