How to Make a Bath Pillow



In these days of busy home and working lives, when do you get the chance to relax? In the bath is the answer, as it’s just about the only place in the house where you can have some time to yourself! There’s nothing so satisfying as relaxing in a hot bath, perhaps with a glass of wine to complete the picture, and there are many ways in which you can make it even more enjoyable. You most likely have your favourite bath oils, which add a soothing element to the experience, and what about a bit of music while you relax in the hot, steaming water? Or, you might want to take a bath with your partner – we don’t mind if you do!

But, we have one great way to make your life much more enjoyable during your evening bath – a luxury bath pillow, which is something very special indeed. Now, we were going to tell you how to make your own, but that was before we found a great review of the top 10 bath pillows at a review site called, which has a whole host of excellent reviews of household and garden items, plus travel accessories and more. These bath pillows are so cheap, and so good, that there’s not point making your own, because somebody else has done it for you!

What do you need to know about luxury bath pillows? Well, to begin with, they are very clever items which stick to the side of the bath using a series of suction cups, so the pillow will not slip. They offer excellent support for both the head and neck, and there are some that even offer support for your shoulders. In short, you’ll have a bath like never before!

Enjoy Bath Time

So, you run your bath, lock the kids out, light a candle or two and settle back in your hot bath with a glass of your favourite red wine and your head resting on a soft and comfortable pillow. Remember, these things are fully washable and come in many forms – some are inflatable, but we like the ones that are made from lovely soft microfibre materials better. What about if you are travelling, either for business or pleasure? It’s simple: you can fold your bath pillow up – it’s very compact – and slip it in your luggage for use in your hotel bathroom!

There really is something special about a bath, and with one of these luxury pillows, you get a spa experience in your own home. It’s a cheap way of adding something to the whole experience, and can be used by all the family. Have a look at the website we mentioned for all the information you could possibly need on these wonderfully usable, very cheap and innovative products, and give yourself the luxurious feel at bath time. After all, it’s your time, and the only part of the day you can have half an hour to yourself without interruption!