What are Canvas Bags for?

Canvas bags are quickly picking up steam in the world, but if you’re used to plastic, leather, PU, and other materials depending on what you’re using a bag for, you might not be familiar with what a canvas bag is even good for. Today, ...Read More

What are Canvas Bags?

You probably haven’t sat down and thought about it too much, but do you really know what the bags you use are made of. Sure, a leather bag is typically tanned cattle hide, PU leather is made from soft, malleable plastic, paper bags are ...Read More

Eco Travel Guide: Sustainable Shopping in Bali

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What Is Jute, and Where Does It Come From?

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Brand Benefits of Custom Printed Canvas Bags

Without marketing, it would be challenging for your business to reach its highest selling potential and ROI. Marketing boosts sales and engagement and creates awareness which helps your business grow efficiently.  Branding is a critical element of marketing as it increases customer recognition, amplifies ...Read More

Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping: 5 Key Takeaways

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What to Use Instead of Plastic Bags

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Benefits of beginning origami

If, like most people, you have an abundance of old letters, newspapers and scrap paper lying around your house you may have considered the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of these papers. Many people have found other uses for old paper such as ...Read More