3 Cotton Bags to Change Your Life and Save the Planet

When it comes to bags, you probably think of fancy leather purses, giant nylon backpacks, and the destructive, flimsy, plastic bags at checkout lanes. Well, we have an alternative for all of those that not only refrain from making you sacrifice anything you love but actually outperform those traditional options in almost every way.

We’re talking about canvas bags.

Unless you’re in the know, you might not know just how flexible canvas can be as a bag-making material. So, here are three cotton bags (canvas) that will reduce your carbon footprint and change the way you look at bags from here on out.

Let’s get started.

Cotton Print Drawstring Bags

First, drawstring bags come in all kinds of material options. Everything we say here pertains to cotton print drawstring bags. If you purchase a nylon one, the only benefit you’re getting is that it’s cheap.

With that out of the way, print drawstring bags are the perfect bags for daily use on a budget. They can be purchased for just a little more than the cost of your morning coffee, and they’ll last for years. They make perfect lightweight alternatives to backpacks, and while not as flashy as the rigid bags described below, they can be printed with just about any design; making them great for showing off your personality. In case this makes you interested in grabbing one for yourself, you can simply find a designer of Custom Drawstring Bags online, and get a uniquely designed bag for all your needs.

Canvas Bags: Rigid

Any type of bag you’re used to carrying, whether it be a leather purse, tote, or drop-leg bag, can be made out of canvas without sacrificing quality.

Canvas can be made to different thicknesses and durability levels, and designers are taking advantage of this to make canvas bag alternatives that not only look as good as traditional options but perform just as well, too.

Not only that, but you get all that for considerably less than what you’d pay for the alternative options. Canvas might be an amazing material, but it’s abundant and easy to make; so, the price of canvas products is dramatically lower than equal-quality leather or plastic options.

Canvas Shopping Bags

This is the option that probably makes the biggest difference in terms of your carbon footprint. How many plastic shopping bags do you use one time and throw away? We’re guessing that you use a lot of them that way. We can’t blame you. They rip easily and are completely unreliable.

Well, if you’re willing to spend about two dollars per bag on bags that will last for years, you’re in for a treat.

Canvas shopping bags can last for years when they’re cared for properly, are far stronger than plastic bags, and don’t harm the environment. In fact, while it’s not a good idea, you could chuck a bunch of canvas bags on the ground, and they’d be decomposed within a couple of months if the weather is aggressive enough. Plastic can stay around for hundreds of years, and that’s one of the biggest problems we’re facing with the abundance of plastic shopping bags going into landfills each year.