3 situations where a short stay serviced apartments would make the perfect accommodation option choice

Hotels are great. Staying in them offers a sense of occasion and can help you get in the holiday spirit. They also usually come with fantastic amenities and services, however, they will not be the best choice for your stay 100% of the time. The high cost of staying in a hotel and lack of scalability in a large party can add up over time and cause a lot of inconveniences. Here are 3 of the main situations where you should go for a short-stay serviced apartment over a normal hotel.

  • You are staying somewhere for more than 2 weeks

Hotels are good for very short holiday stays, however, if you are planning a trip that is going to be a bit longer, a short stay serviced apartment may be the better option. A serviced apartment that is furnished for a longer stay will usually have a kitchen and provide some basic foodstuffs like milk and bread. Additionally, a functional open kitchen and ample living room will help you settle in during a stay longer than a ‘holiday’.

  • You have a large travelling party that you want to keep together

The second situation in which a serviced apartment may make a better choice than a hotel is if you are part of a large travelling party. You will be able to find apartments that have a large number of rooms and living areas that are perfect if you want to keep everyone together in a more social living environment.

  • You are on a business assignment and want to ‘live’ somewhere

If you are on more of a longer-term business assignment, you may want some accommodation that you can feel more at home in. This can be a challenge in a hotel where you are limited to usually just one room and often feel like you are just ‘staying’ there as appose to ‘living’. A short stay serviced apartment will give you access to larger living areas and storage space, which is great if you are on a work assignment that is due to last more than a month.

Make sure you rent a short stay serviced apartment with the right amenities

Not all short stay serviced apartments are created equally, and if you go with a poor provider you may be stuck in accommodation that you can never truly relax in. Try and find an apartment with a good-sized bedroom and kitchen this will add a lot of value to your stay over time.