4 Unique and Inspiring Sources For Your Next Crafty Project

There will be times when you feel crafty, but you don’t know what your project is going to be. You know that you want to be creative. But you don’t know what you want to create! That’s when it’s time to start finding some unique and inspiring sources to get your artistic nature flowing.

A few places to look for this essential inspiration might be to check out retro products that are making a comeback, look through travel blogs online, see what sort of photo manipulation tutorials are out there, and potentially even look at the trending Pinterest topics. Each of these simple ways to find unique artistic visions might help you determine your next project’s desired result.

Retro Products

Checking out retro products is an excellent way to find unique inspiration. Because there is a lot of nostalgia associated with products that are promoted this way, you can look at things like shape, color, texture, and even branding, and find out what elements you want to incorporate in any ideas that you’ve had recently. If you already have some product or painting or piece of art that you’re working on, pulling out the retro-themed 70s fonts is a great way to get a captive audience. Many of those who belong to the boomer or Gen X generation might take a trip down the memory lane after seeing all of these retro vibes.

Travel Blogs

You can look at the most popular travel blogs to get sources of inspiration as well. Exotic locations that people have gone to, spectacular buildings that they have looked at during their journeys, and stories that they tell about people they have met can all translate into some form of creative expression. If you can harness those emotions, then you can essentially borrow energy from someone else to help you do your work.

Photo manipulation Tutorials

When you follow photo manipulation tutorials, there are entertaining and creative things that people do digitally to enhance their visions. Even if you aren’t doing photo manipulation yourself, you can look through step-by-step techniques and figure out which parts might apply to a project that you’re working on. An example would be making some mirror effect on an art project that you’re working on.

Popular Pinterest Topics

And finally, you can always check out Pinterest to see what sort of topics are trending. It’s an entirely free service that has some of the most creative minds on the planet all working together to share ideas. A 10-minute browse through some of the things that people are doing, and you’ll have more than enough inspiration to add to whatever it is that you’re working on. The great thing about Pinterest is that it expands on a daily basis as well, so there’s no shortage of variation every time you look.