4 ways Normatec boots aid in muscle recovery

Removal of fluid that causes muscle swelling

Following high-intensity physical exertion, such as when you’re exercising as part of a training regime, muscles get “damaged,” which is what leads to soreness, repair, and growth. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re injured but forms part of how muscular tissue is strengthened.

The muscle damage occurs at the cellular level, coupled with fluid flowing into the cells, which is what creates the appearance of swelling. NormaTec compression boots work to force the fluid out of the cells it invaded, taking with it a considerable amount of dislodged cellular matter from the damage.

Reduction of DOMS

The action of the NormaTec compression boots to reduce muscle swelling through the removal of excess fluid has a knock-on effect which is on more of a preventative level than a reparative one. This is one of the few reasons behind many people possibly not having a true and full appreciation of the effectiveness of the boots, because they may not attribute the absence of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) to the use of the boots.

That’s exactly what they do though; they help reduce the DOMS symptoms, long before they would occur.

Athletes readily talk about what is commonly referred to as “muscle soreness,” of which the absence following the use of NormaTec boots is just one of the four ways in which these compression boots aid in muscle recovery. It’s a preventative function that goes back to the removal of fractured muscle tissue matter along with excess fluid.

Improvement of blood circulation

At the risk of getting a little deeper into our emerging biology lesson, it can perhaps be universally agreed that NormaTec boots increase blood circulation. You can feel the effects immediately after strapping yourself in and using them, but this improved flow of blood is one of the four ways through which the boots aid in recovery.

Better blood circulation simply means your capillary system is circulating oxygen-rich blood along with other nutrients like protein to where these would be required by the body. As a result, when these reach your muscles at the intervals and amounts intended by way of your body’s original functional design, your muscles can recover and grow much quicker. This applies both to injuries and the natural fracturing of the muscle fibers associated with exercise.

Immune system boost

There’s no magic to it in the real sense of what magic means, but the magic contained in one of the ways through which the Normatec boots aid in muscle recovery is in the boost the system gives to the immune system. If the boots improve blood circulation then that means lymph is circulating as well, which means more of your body gets protection from its lymphatic system.

Now we all know that the immune system does more than keep protect one from illnesses and helps us recover from them. It also helps in the prevention of injury and helps in the recovery of damaged muscle tissue, whether that would be from an injury or from the intense exertion that forms part of any meaningful exercise regime.