6 Things Nobody Told You About Jute Bags.

Jute is a material that has been used for decades as an environmentally friendly material for tote and other forms of reusable bags. Whilst they may seem slightly dull there are a number of interesting facts that many people have never been told. Keep reading to find out what they are.

  1. They are made out of Entirely Plant Based Materials

Jute is a material made from various types of crops depending on where you are from; the paddy crop is often used in its production. Whilst a lot of water is used in the production of jute bags the fact that they are entirely plant based means they are a much lower threat for wild life.

Coincidently the fact that they are made out of plant based materials means they are 100% biodegradable and will usually fully decompose within 1-2 years.

  1. They make fabulous fashion items

Tote bags are very popular amongst fashion conscious consumers. Their dimensions offer a large area space for interesting printed designs. This not only makes them fun to ‘wear’ it also increases their target market for potential consumers.

  1. They are highly reusable

The reusable bag market is booming, and there are many different materials that you can choose from. Many supermarkets are promoting their own reusable bags in an attempt to reduce their overall waste bill.

Jute could be the ideal option as it is environmentally friendly and a very sturdy material.

  1. They can make great promotional items

Jute is surprisingly versatile when it comes to printing options. They can therefore make great promotional items for your business. The fact that you can get custom embroidery on the bags you wish to give out makes it that much better, since you can explore design options and make your bags truly stand out. Spreading your branding through printed jute bags will create an association in your customer’s minds between your business and environmental sustainability.

  1. They are supplied from around the World

You may be surprised by the places where the jute is sourced to make the jute bags for your business. Many of the bags in the UK are supplied from countries like India and Bangladesh where the jute crop is grown.

These supply chains help to create economic growth in other areas of the world whilst promoting increased trade across the globe.

  1. There are suppliers out there with fantastic products

The fantastic thing about jute bags is the fact that there are plenty of options available. Going through an expert supplier will help you discover the amazing benefits of jute tote bags.