Are Serviced Apartments Good for Large Business Trips?

Traditionally, long-term business trips are difficult to manage. It has always been somewhat difficult to find proper accommodations for employees, and perhaps, even their families or coworkers who go on the trip with them.

However, there’s a new form of accommodation that is making larger, more long-term business trips a bit easier.

As the top provider of serviced apartments Bristol has to offer, let us explain why a serviced apartment is the perfect accommodation for your next business trip.

Long or Short Stays

No two business trips are alike. You may need to head out to set up an entirely new branch of your company over a year. You may just need to spend the weekend in Bristol while you close a huge partnership agreement. Regardless of how long your business trip is, serviced apartments can accommodate your stay.

In the past, long-term trips often required much more expensive accommodations such as actually leasing an apartment, and hotels can rarely allow for such long-term stays.


If you’re going to send an employee off for 6 months or more, it’s pretty unreasonable to expect them to leave their partner and children behind the entire time. A work-life balance is necessary.

Luckily, serviced apartments aren’t one or two-person living spaces. They’re fully-fledged apartments, and they’re more than capable of providing ample living space for your employee and their family during long trips abroad.

This also goes for multiple employee teams on the same trip. If you’re sending a team of three of your top employees to help set up a new branch or raise performance levels at another establishment, it can be costly to provide each one with a hotel for a week or two. With serviced apartments, coworkers can easily live in the same place for one flat fee; all while getting the privacy they need via private bedrooms and bathrooms.


Have you ever tried to work on complex contracts, building plans, or business model adjustments in a cramped, uninspiring location? It’s pretty hard to do. Whether you’re finding accommodation for your own business trip or preparing to send one of your employees on the road, the added space and comfort of a serviced apartment can help increase their productivity and happiness.

More importantly, they can take proper care of themselves with a full kitchen that removes the need for unhealthy food options, private bedrooms that let them get a good night’s rest, and other basic necessities that hotels simply don’t offer.

In the end, a happy employee is a productive employee, and providing you or your employee with a proper living space can help increase productivity to ensure the project is accomplished without a hitch.

Book Serviced Apartments for Your Business Trips

Whether you’re heading out on your own, or you’re sending your top employees out for business purposes, you owe it to your company to ensure you or your employee does a great job. A serviced apartment can provide everything needed, and it can make the business trip a lot easier to manage.