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7 Facts About Renoir You Didn’t Know

Today we will look at interesting facts about Pierre Auguste Renoir. He is considered to be one of the leading figures in Impressionism and created a huge number of paintings, more that one could imagine. Many of them you can find here The ...Read More

Why Make Money From Home?

These are actual ways which you may find out how to earn money from your home, if you only want make an additional few hundred dollars each month using a profitable negative hustle, or in case you would like to fully stop your work ...Read More

What It Really Means to Get Your Life Together

We hear the phrase thrown about quite a bit, that of “getting one’s life in order” or “getting it together.” In some of the social media colloquial speak it’s been often referred to as “adulting,” but what does it really mean to have your ...Read More

The Art Of Finger Painting Most people believe finger painting is a form of free creativity, and it is mainly invented for children as emotionally soothing. Finger painting also develops fine motor skills, and this is another reason to consider it children-appropriate only. However, real finger painting artists ...Read More

8 Easy Ways of Relieving Stress

Stress can be referred to as body response mechanism to any form of danger or threat. There are many causes of stress e.g. relationship problems, work or school, financial problems, children, and family etc. there are many symptoms that show a depressed person and ...Read More

The Art of Relaxation: The Role of Handicrafts

It seems as if we are leading busier lives than ever before. Real-world concerns such as money, employment, family and what the future may have in store all serve to hamper our ability to enjoy inner peace. It is therefore no surprise that a ...Read More

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Berries

How many different types of berries can you name? There are more than fifteen varieties of edible berries and they have many different uses, from being used as dye for cloth to helping you lose weight. Keep reading to find out five surprising things ...Read More

Arts and Crafts on a Gigantic Scale

When you think about arts and crafts, you might immediately put in your mind the idea of macaroni necklaces or coloring books. Or, perhaps if you are more in the adult phase of your life, you think about woodworking, knitting, or creating small handmade ...Read More