Cheap Decoration Ideas: Affordable Ways to Decorate a Bedroom


Redecorating sometimes is costly. So when you are on a tight budget and your bedroom needs redecoration, you feel at a loss of where to start.

If you want to incorporate some style to your room but don’t have a ton of cash, look no further. I have listed cheap ways to redecorate your bedroom that will not hurt your pocket.

Move the Furniture

Sounds no brainer right? Something as simple as rearranging the furnitures can make a big difference. It is one of the easiest ways to redecorate and will not even cost you a dime.

Instead of putting your bed against the wall, why not put it in a corner. It will give the room a more homey and intimate touch.

Change the Walls

The easiest and the common way to change the walls is to paint them. Whether you paint them with a new color or put on a fresh coat, it doesn’t matter. Both can make a major difference in how the room feels.

Wallpapers are also a good option or stencil some designs on a border. Borders can either be placed at the very top of the walls or around the middle area to create an old-fashioned and elegant look.

Change the Bed

Change the aura of the bed by buying a new comforter, duvet or bedspread. You can also buy a new set of complete sheets and pillow shams to give your bed a new appearance. If the budget does not allow you to buy a new set, then get just one or two items. Changing bed covering and pillow shams can make the largest difference so opt for these two items.

Buying a new mattress can be quite expensive, but if you have a budget for purchasing a new one, opt for the best mattress online. A new mattress is advised if you are experiencing pain in your old mattress and it can also give a new aura in the room.

Hang Prints on the Wall

Put framed prints on the wall. They can be photographs, artworks or even posters. They don’t need to be expensive and if you already have your photos or prints add new frames or mats on them.


You can put some family photos on the wall. Though, there are those who dislike this idea as they consider bedroom a private place. So adding some images will make them feel like someone is watching at them. However, the choice is yours.

Put out a vase of fresh or silk flowers/green florals

To do this, find a pretty vase, glass or jar. Then buy some lovely silk or plastic flowers and greenery. You don’t need to be a design wizard to create floral arrangements. The colors don’t have to match the same. If your room is primarily decorated in blue and you find beautiful silk flowers, you can add some small blue flowers to the white ones to enhance the room perfectly.

Spray on a metal wastebasket

If a new furniture is not included in your budget list, spray paint on an inexpensive wastebasket in the color of your choice. Flip it upside down and use it as a bedside table.

Place some potted plants around your room

Add a bit of nature in your room by adding some potted plants. Not only do they give life to your room, but it also gives off oxygen and filters toxic gases indoors.

Put in a new lamp

Small bedside lamps and nightlights are inexpensive so look for one when you shop around. Wall sconces about your bed, dresser or on either side of a wall mirror can also add elegance to the room.

Add a colorful area rug to your space

If you don’t have a budget to buy a new rug, you can make one out of old shirts. There are video tutorials online to guide you through.


To redecorate a room does not always mean a ton of cash. Sometimes all you need is a little research and some creativity. It doesn’t have to slice a lot of money out of you. You can repurpose some old items, repaint the old furniture or buy some inexpensive decorations. Be creative.

Enjoy decorating your space and heed to the tips above for some help.