Create Your Perfect Creative Corner

Our ability to express our creativity depends largely on the environment that we live in. Not all hobbies can be done at the kitchen table and some need a bit of peace and quiet. So if you have the opportunity, constructing your own creative corner might be just what the doctor ordered so that you can express yourself in any way, shape or form you wish. It isn’t too hard to DIY your own shed, but you need a structured plan on how you are going to proceed and which materials you will need to buy. For example an often forgotten feature of a garden shed is the actual shed base. One which can be made from concrete or wood; you can even get a gravel shed foundation as well. After all of this has been mastered, the build can go underway. And your dream corner is a reality waiting to come true.

Here are some great ideas on how to create such a place depending on your own personal needs.

A writer’s nook

If your creative outlet is writing, there are several key elements that your little corner of the home needs to possess. The best case scenario is being able to transform a whole room into a writer’s den, and if this is not an option, find a nice quiet place, attic or gazebo will do, and turn it into your own inspirational spot. But don’t forget, a quality chair, right size desk and a quality lamp are the essentials. That way you are bound to feel comfortable, avoid back ache and save your eyesight while pursuing your passion. You can top that off with a stunning Wedgwood Arris Accent Teapot that will transport you to Dickinson’s England, and is bound to serve as a great source of inspiration. Don’t forget a cozy blanket for those chilly nights and you are good to go.

A painter’s shed

Painting, much like writing requires time and a bit of peace and quiet. However due to its colorful nature it also requires a space that can handle all the paint splashes and spills. If you are already a proud owner of a garden shed, maybe it is time to convert it into your very own painting studio. Get a fresh coat of paint, some nylon for the floor, make sure you have enough natural light and you are good to go. Don’t forget the ‘Do not disturb’ sign at the door, every artist needs a bit of solitude to get those creative juices flowing. Oh, just one more thing, working hard for hours at a time might require a cup of tea or coffee so having a small stow in your shed would be a great idea.

A knitting corner

What could be more peaceful yet creative then knitting. There are so many directions that that needle and thread could take you, all you need to do is let your imagination lead the way. Now, in order to create a perfect knitting corner you don’t need a separate room, you can have one in the living room or your bedroom. The number one requirement is of course a grand, comfortable armchair. Preferably is some soft pastel colors to soothe the eyes. Next, a small desk with a basket underneath so that the yarn has its place, and your tea cup can safely rest. Finally an artistic paper rack for all the schemes and patterns you are going to need to get inspired for your project. And if you really want to go old school on this, then a little leg stool so that you can reach the ultimate level of comfort. There you have it, your little corner is all set to help you create magic.

The all important porch swing

No matter what your creative outlet is, everyone need a place to relax and think of what the next big thing will be. This place is a wonderful wooden porch swing. It lets you just sit and think, enjoying the fresh air, and letting your mind drift. And if you are feeling exceptionally creative, you can even create your own, a decent blue print, some planks, nails and a coat of paint might get you a nice rustic one. Otherwise, a garden store is your safest option.

There you have it, simple, yet effective ways of constructing the ideal creative space for yourself. All you need is a bit of imagination and some time. There are no limits what a creative person can do when in pursuit of an outlet for their creativity. So go ahead and start creating, who knows where your imagination might take you now that you have presented it with the perfect working conditions.