Eco Travel Guide: Sustainable Shopping in Bali

Sustainable tourism and ecotourism are getting a lot more attention in Bali because of the changing climate, as well as due to the negative impact that mainstream travel has. If you are concerned about the nature and the environment, there are many amazing activities that are environmentally conscious in Bali. For instance, pick out a few of the available green activities which help you keep Bali beautiful.

Choose accommodation wisely, eat local foods, participate in eco-friendly activities, and buy goods ethically. Read your tour thoroughly before you book, and try to remember an eco-tour is one that supports sustainable development and protects local environments.

The stunning nature combined with the ancient traditions makes Bali one of the best recommended islands for tourism. During your Eco-Inspired Holiday in Bali, of course, you are going to be exploring beaches. Dotting the islands are a number of gorgeous little shelters, all of which are individually designed, opulent, and environmentally-friendly, meaning that not only are you skipping out on the same old hotel rooms, you are also sure of being reassured your stay is helping preserve the environment.

Bali has an abundance of truly awesome eco-lodges right in the heart of paradise, that make for more of a sustainable impact than just staying in an expensive hotel. Bali happens to also have a few really amazing eco-villas, which are built wonderfully using locally-sourced materials like teak wood and other woods, bamboo, rattan, and natural stone. They are amazing villas, which fit seamlessly into Bali’s tropical surroundings, so you can relax in a villa in Canggu knowing you’ve done your bit to help sustain the environment.

What is more, eco-friendly accommodations buy locally from like-minded businesses, and support their community with charities. They are committed to doing their part in protecting the environment, by providing sustainable products for body, home, and lifestyle. They offer repurposed glass made from bottles collected from Bali, as well as mesh purse sets and folding cloth grocery bags that will help you get rid of plastic.

There are plenty of shops with sustainable fashion and homewares as well. Other awesome shops geared towards the environment, nature, and the eco-friendly are, like Bali Buda, IbuBumi, Earth Cafe, and Alive Whole Foods.

Using fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, More And More Organic supports local communities, and are completely environmentally-conscious and sustainable. You will find ethical fashion, eco-friendly cafes, eco-friendly restaurants, and friendly smiles all around.

With its outstanding natural sites and Indigenous cultures, Indonesia has the potential to be a global leader in the field of Ecotourism, and Bali is playing a crucial role. Ecotourism developments on Bali are far from their potential, though increased awareness and more educated travelers has made the sector by far the most exciting growing segment of tourism on Bali today. They also organize Bali’s Big Eco Weekend each year, in which influential people and well-known surfers help to clean up beaches in order to raise awareness with travelers.

Tourists need to become conscious of themselves and need to travel sustainably in order to conserve the environment and to promote a more responsible tourism in Bali.