Essential elements every domestic backyard garden should have

There’s no doubt about the fact that domestic gardens have evolved, but you still want your backyard to look like it belongs in a residential where your sanctuary is housed. As a result, there are some essential elements every domestic backyard garden should have.

A dominant base surface

It’s not necessary to have a sprawling, well-manicured and watered lawn anymore as the dominant base surface, but that is just part of what it takes to maintain a lawn. You can go with alternatives such as sandy/clayey soil, which would have to have a distinctive colour. You can also go with some cement paving or even wooden decking, but otherwise, a dominant base surface is indeed a requirement for a domestic backyard garden.

You can also switch things up if you want, example plan for the dominant base surface to be a lawn for the next three or four years, after which period you would change to the sandy or clayey soil.

Base surface highlighting features

The base surface needs some complementary features that highlight its appearance, like how a stone footpath draws the eyes away from directly looking at the lawn or sandy soil, creating stunning visual effects as the dominant base surface is reduced to forming part of the peripheral vision.

The type of features that you have in your garden will also contribute to the type of base soil you go for. Teak garden furniture, for example, will require careful consideration in the garden design phase.


A tree is a sign of the great long-term health of any outdoor space and the many benefits of trees perhaps don’t have to be mentioned right now. Planting trees is also more of a therapeutic exercise, whatever the success rate of those which go on to flourish is.

Otherwise, trees definitely form an essential part of what every domestic garden should have. Chances are you’ll find trees already growing when you move into your home, or you might be living in the place where you were born and raised.

However, a challenge that you should relish is that of planting at least one tree that bears fruit, as there is nothing more rewarding than being able to gorge down some freshly picked fruit or encourage house guests to help themselves.

Zen features

You really don’t have to go crazy in the incorporation of water features to introduce a Zen element to your backyard garden. The life-giving substance can be incorporated in more of a representational manner, such as a seasonal pond that fills up only when it rains (but still looks great if there’s no water in it), or just planting rearing plants which are known to love water. Of course, you can always reach out to pond landscape experts who can help with ideas and implementation if you’re not sure how to start.

Teak garden furniture

It’s as simple as making your backyard garden useful when you add some outdoor garden furniture to it. Additionally, making sure you have some backyard storage such as a shed, perhaps from, is equally as important as having nice furniture. During the colder months, this furniture needs somewhere to live, and when it’s warm, the shed can be used as a summer house. Teak garden furniture makes for the best choice, both in terms of appearance and functionality, with some great pieces befitting a great backyard garden including teak garden tables and chairs, some teak garden benches (tree benches are great too), or even some teak planters.

Obviously one shouldn’t overdo it, with the general rule of thumb being one or a cluster of teak garden furniture pieces per visible space.