Find the Best Local Tree Service

Do you have some big beautiful trees in your front yard? Have you noticed the limbs starting to go over the neighbor’s fence? Or maybe the bark is starting to peel off and you’re not sure why. Perhaps it’s time to call in a tree specialist. They can hep you decide what you need to do with your garden. After spending a great deal of time designing, cultivating, and caring for your landscape, it can be daunting to search for a tree service provider you can trust. At Mr. Tree, we understand this pressure and want to relieve it.

We’ll go over some basics of what the best local tree service companies should provide. Afterward, we hope you will feel educated, knowledgeable, and ready to find the best partner for your tree needs. There are many tree removal and tree trimming services out there, such as and many more, that are waiting for your custom – so make sure to choose the right company for your needs!

Tree Service Professionals

While many homeowners are aware that companies out there provide various tree services, few know exactly what trained arborists and tree service technicians really do. Just like humans need doctors to stay healthy and strong, trees need arborists and tree technicians. In simplest terms, an arborist is like a diagnostician, and a tree technician is like a surgeon. There is overlap in skills and abilities, but each has their own expertise, and the best local tree service companies have both. These days, it is easy to hire a tree surgeon or an arborist online, you can find a host of companies in your local area to help you out. However, make sure you are happy with your selection first.

An arborist is an expert in the structure and function of trees, shrubs, and plants. They understand how plant life grows, in particular, trees. Arborists know how trees decay, the importance of their cultivation, diseases that can attack a tree, how a tree will react to pruning, and aspects of tree surgery. Since they care for the overall health of the entire tree, they’re considered to be a little more generalized than a tree service technician. Arborists can identify the needs of a tree-such as soil composition, sunlight, and watering-to help pinpoint the appropriate location for planting.

They’re also cognizant of the best types of pruning to support the growth and long-term health of trees. While they’re focused on promoting the health and wellbeing of trees, they can also identify when, after careful consideration, the best course of action is to remove a tree.

Since the arborist is the diagnostician and the tree technician is the surgeon, you may have realized, that the function of tree technicians is the cutting. Tree technicians specialize in pruning, trimming, and securing broken branches. They are skilled in scaling trees safely to complete their work. Tree technicians are also the ones who methodically think through all the cut and ties needed to ensure a tree can be felled safely.

Importance of Certification

Just like you want your healthcare providers to have proof of their knowledge and expertise before they treat you, so too should you want proof of expertise from the tree professionals getting ready to care for your landscape. This is what you get when you choose a local tree service that employs certified arborists. Not only do they know about general tree and plant care, but they are also detailed experts in the field and understand the importance of demonstrating this to their clients with credentials.

Certified arborists have either earned degrees in their field or have spent more than three years of full-time practical work in arboriculture and then gone on to pass intricate exams. When looking for the best local tree service, be sure to check that their team is comprised of ISA-Certified Arborists to ensure you have quality professionals partnering with you on the care of your landscape.

Getting a Quote

Typically, the first concern for many clients getting a quote is the price. While price is an important component and should be considered, we want to go over a few other elements to contemplate. These are extra inclusion factors listed under the price, written documentation of the quote given, tools the company is planning to use, and insurance coverage of the service provider.

Estimate Inclusions

As price is at the forefront of most clients’ minds, we begin with the extra inclusions because a quote should give the whole picture, not leave out elements like debris removal and cleanup. So start by asking for a detailed breakdown of what comes under the quoted price and ask if there are any other unlisted fees that could pop up during the project.

After you’ve had these discussions about price and inclusions, ask for written documentation of the quoted estimate. The best local tree services will be ready and willing to provide written estimates because they understand it protects both you and them. It ensures a clear understanding of the agreed-upon project and services. We recommend getting at least three quotes for any service to ensure you’re getting everything you want and need within a budget that works for you.

Service Details

During the discussion of project scope, make sure you’re comfortable with how they plan to complete their services. This includes the type of tools the tree service will use. For example, if the tree service has to scale your trees to trim necessary branches, will they be using an aerial lift, ropes, or climbing spikes? Tools like climbing spikes can damage the tree trunk and bark, possibly scarring it. If that’s not something you’re comfortable with, it’s best to identify that with your service provider up-front to ensure a good match.


Lastly, discuss what the local tree service carries for injury and liability insurance. Tree care can be dangerous. If a tree falls the wrong way during removal or a branch tumbles down onto your neighbor’s car, you want to make sure this isn’t something you’ll be held liable for. The best local tree service companies will be able to speak to the kind of protection they carry and shouldn’t hesitate to show you proof of their insurance coverage.

At Mr. Tree, we insist on the highest standards of service and care for you and your yard. If you have questions about local tree service or want to discuss an upcoming project, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have trained professionals available 24/7 for residential, commercial, and emergency tree care.