Five Easy Craft Ideas At Home

Who said you have to be a crafting expert to create beautiful crafts at home? All you need are just an extra hour and a few simple supplies. In this article, you’ll find a selection of DIY crafts which can help you make some fantastic projects. Take control of your boredom at home and have fun with the following ideas!

Glittery Glass Mug

Glam up your kitchen with a Glittery Glass Mug. This decoupage task is a simple way to dress up your daily mugs. These are dishwasher safe and you can make wonderful designs that will be the envy of your friends or family members. These can also make great gifts that will dazzle your friends before your very eyes.

Easy T-Shirt Pillow

A beautiful craft to do when you’re bored at home. This 10-minute pillow project could be one of your favourites as well. It would be ideal for a college dorm room. Simply use your favourite t-shirts from high school and a sewing machine. If you had lots of spare t-shirts leftover you could look to make something similar to some memory quilts as well. You’ll have something to make your dorm room cosier! The possibilities are endless!

Glamorous Feather Lampshade

If you go to a home furnishing store, you’ll find a plethora of feather lampshades which cost over 300. These are only made of paper & feathers which shouldn’t be difficult to make at home. Plus, it might cost you less than $20 and look even better than the ones in stores. The IKEA Regolith lampshade might just be perfect for you.

Pine Cone Roses

Here are some beautiful roses for your home that will never die. Make these fascinating Pine Cone Roses to keep your house colourful all year long. You can choose to paint the cones with different rose colours and add “stems” and “leaves” before placing them in a vase. Voila! If you have kids, they’ll most probably be willing to help you with this amazing project.

Decorative Globe Anthropologie Knock-Off

Instead of spending on expensive boutique décor, why not reuse old materials and make your own? It might be a far more unique item than anything you could find in a store! Thanks to this Decorative Globe Anthropologie Knock-Off, you can create a cheap version of a high-end decoration. You may even write your favourite quote on the globe to make it more special. Do not forget to use the Gold permanent marker

There you have it…!

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