Hallway storage ideas

What a better way to refresh your entrance than the use of classic hallway storage ideas that will help your house stand out. Indeed, gone are the days when visitors would trip on arrival and no more messy and disorganized hallways.

Hall storage is essential in every home and most importantly if you have a busy household with numerous sets of items, such as coats, keys, and shoes. Keep scrolling for some nifty hallway storage tips to make your home clutter-free and look elegant.

1. Place a nice hallway bench with storage.

Invest on a hallway bench with extra space for storage, which can fit at least six to eight pairs of shoes. This beach has the convenience of allowing you or your visitors the comfort of sitting while putting on your shoes. The importance of smart shoe storage cannot be overlooked.

Apart from keeping your house tidy, it will also prevent your guests from wandering around with their shoes as they will have been provided with a place to sit and comfortably put them on.

2. Pegs for storage of dog leads.

It can really be frustrating when searching for dog leads, balls, and poop bags. A simple solution could be the use of a wicker basket. There are stylish hallway storage baskets that will definitely make your life easier. Hang them from a coat hook or cool peg rail and let them be ready to serve you anytime during your dog walks.

3. Add a mirror.

A hallway mirror is a must! So many things can go wrong before leaving for work, so it is good to have the last chance of checking yourself before heading out. Additionally, mirrors have the effect of making a small place appear bigger and since most hallways are designed small, this trick will give your guest a different impression of your house.

4. Prop a ladder shelf if your hallway is narrow.

If you are a great admirer of a console table in your hallway but space does not allow it, the best alternative would be to prop a rustic looking ladder shelf against the wall of the hallway. Here, you can comfortably display your decorative house flowers and also store your everyday essentials.

5. Tailor the storage solutions to suit the whole family.

It is good to design a storage solution that is convenient for the whole family. You should make selections that help and encourage your kids to be organized. For instance, you can opt for coat pegs in easy reach of a basket where they can comfortably find their gloves or an area where they can sit down and put on their shoes.

6. Move coats to cupboards.

Coat racks are good but a mountain of numerous coats heaped on one another can be quite an eyesore. When there is a cupboard nearby, why not move your coat collections there? This will enable your place to be clutter-free and tidy. Alternatively, limit the number of coats to the minimum unless there is a need in.