Homeless man becomes a beacon of hope as he sells cotton bags with expert designs

Cotton bags have become extremely popular recently with the gradual move away from plastic bags. This new demand has led to many companies starting to offer more cotton-based products. Cotton bags are easier to reuse than their plastic counterparts and the feel and style of them often means businesses prefer using them anyway as they offer a better brand experience.

Part of the new demand has created an interesting opportunity for some. Kevin, from Birmingham, sadly became homeless five years ago due to a family tragedy. However, he has started an interesting new venture through launching ‘the Bag Issue’ his business that sells cotton bags.

The cotton bags are all about the design

Kevin’s cotton bags are all hand-drawn with a design that is used to convey a message. All the bags are intended to spread awareness about the threat of climate change and the impact plastic has on the degradation of our environment. Clever puns are used to get the point across, one of which is the ‘give peas a chance’ which has a graphic depicting some peas picketing.

Kevin has seen a surge in demand for his cotton bags

The rise in popularity of cotton bags has helped Kevin distribute over 200 cotton bags to members of the public in Birmingham. Whilst Kevin is not charging a fixed fee, the average donation for the uniquely designed cotton bags is around £3. The popularity has led to some bags being resoled online for up to £80. This is one of the reasons why Kevin has launched the Bag Issue website to try and compete with the resellers.

The cotton bags are supplied by IT consultant Greg Wright, who states that ‘Kevin always had the entrepreneurial spirit’. Kevin is someone who cares about people and is well known within the community.

Kevin is an example of the increased move towards reusable cotton bags

Cotton bags are being used in supermarkets and retail stores in addition to other businesses around the UK to try and win over more environmentally conscious consumers. The initiative launched by Kevin shows how the bags can be used to spread awareness about positive environmental change. The push towards a better environment is one of the reasons why many expert cotton bag manufacturers have started to step up their cotton bag production.