How to celebrate your birthday during COVID-19


Birthday parties are great excuses to meet your friends after a long time, and have a whale of a time with them as you party all night. However, in the current times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had very quiet birthday celebrations just within the four walls of our homes. Why let the pandemic dampen our spirits when we can enjoy with our friends through a Paint N Sip COVID birthday party?

What is the Paint N Sip COVID Birthday Party All About?

Birthday parties are not just about partying and dancing all night long. It is about spending some special time with your family and closed ones. So, why not have fun on your birthday and be safe as well? Thanks to paint n sip parties, your birthday parties won’t be boring anymore.

Studios that organize these parties give you all the painting supplies, including a canvas, colors, paintbrushes and a detailed manual explaining the steps in the written format. You can opt for the paint at home package, or you can organize private painting parties just with your girl-gang or your loved one at a special place.

All you need is lots of beverage (preferably wine) and generous quantities of snacks as you enjoy these painting sessions. When you book for private parties, you can also the theme of painting that you want to paint on. This is your chance to awaken the artist within you, and create beautiful memories with your closed ones.

Why are these paint n sip parties popular?

If you thought you had to be a talented or experienced artist to host or take part in these paint n sip events, you are mistaken. You will have the painting supplies with you; professional artists will also guide you on how to proceed. Most of the times, you will manage to surprise yourself at the end of these painting sessions.

There are strict rules for hosting parties during COVID times, but you can be assured that these paint n sip events are absolutely safe. You can choose the location of your party, and you are the one bringing the drinks and foods. So, you can ensure that they are well-sanitized for everyone’s safety. The studio only helps you with the painting kits and step-by-step instructions.

So, you get to spend intimate painting time with your loved ones, where you not only exhibit your fullest creativity, but also laugh expressively as you create beautiful memories for life.