How to print effectively on jute bags

Jute is a versatile material that we have used in our products for as it is environmentally sustainable and makes great reusable bags. A challenge we have had to meet is finding a way to get a high-quality print on jute bags. Here is our guide on how to create beautiful prints on your jute bags.

Create stencils

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways you can print on jute is through stencils. You may be surprised by the versatile patterns you can make with stencil designs printed from your computer. You can use fabric paint to create the print which will transfer well to the jute.

We recommend that you go with transfer paper as this will allow you to create more detailed prints and lead to a better final design. The great thing about transfer paper is that it can be used in your printer which means you can develop the perfect design on your computer

Using a standard printer (yes this really can work)

This method requires a bit of ingenuity. If you use freezer paper and attach it to one side of the jute you will be able to create a surface that can be printed on.

Attach the freezer paper to one of the panels of your jute bag and feed it into the printer with your design ready. This can be done in word or any kind of software that allows for printing. We recommend you do a practise sheet to make sure you are printing on the right side first.

Try and ensure you print on jute bags with a tight weave

Whilst jute is a great material for bags both large and small the larger products can have a more loose weave. This poses some problems when it comes printing. This is why we recommend looking for jute bags with a tight weave. They are great for printing with both stencils and transfer printing.

Make sure your jute bags are clean before you print on them

This one may seem obvious but you would be surprised by the number of people that print onto dirty jute bags. This will severely affect the quality of the end print and may lead to you having to go over it again.

As shown printing on jute requires some careful considerations, more so than on other materials. Because of this we recommend going through an expert jute bag supplier to ensure you get the best product.