Marketing Via Canvas Bags

As a company, one of your main goals is to develop a brand that resonates with customers, and then get that branding in front of their faces as much as possible. That’s how you convert leads into sales. However, that can be a bit difficult at times. 

Today, we want to give you a really easy and cost-effective one; canvas bags. 

That might not make much sense right now, but check out our reasoning. 

1: Customers are Eco-Friendly, Now

In the past, it wasn’t even a thought in a customer’s mind about what happened to all the plastic bags they were using at your store. Now, they not only wonder; they know, and they’re not too happy about it. 

If you’re not aware, they end up in landfills. Some recycling industry execs act like they recycle most of them, but the vast majority of them never make it to processing due to contamination or other issues. When they get there, they just sit around polluting the environment for a few hundred years. 

Customers aren’t okay with that anymore, and they’re demanding that the stores they support show a little more concern for our natural environment. 

Canvas bags are eco-friendly alternatives that are reusable for years, and when they do wear out, they are biodegradable; so, there is no pollution. 

By offering canvas bags, you align your branding with the values of your customers. 

2: Brand Recognition

You can have your logo and slogan printed on the canvas bags you offer just like you do on the plastic bags you probably already use. However, unlike plastic bags, your customers will keep their canvas bags and see them every time they go shopping. That puts your brand in their face almost on a daily basis. 

You probably know this already, but that is a key part of turning one-time shoppers into repeat customers. Every time they see your logo or brand name, they’re reminded you exist. When they’re reminded that you exist, they think of you first when they need the service or product you offer. 

3: Room for Profit

If the other two reasons didn’t convince you to start marketing your brand with canvas bags, this one will. You can profit off them. That’s right. You can align your brand with customer values, increase your brand recognition, and make money doing it. 

This is because you’re not expected to just hand them out left and right. You can put these next to the self-checkout aisle, have cashiers upsell by convincing customers to purchase reusable canvas bags over plastic, or even offer a reward program for customers who bring their canvas bags back with them, or you can charge a low fee for plastic bags and explain how the canvas bags will save them money in the long run. 

By buying in bulk, you can get custom-printed canvas bags extremely cheaply, but customers will easily pay two to three dollars per bag when there is an incentive to do so. 

Simple Canvas Bags Make a Big Difference

As you can see, something as simple as a canvas bag can make some big waves in your marketing strategy. Try it out for yourself.