Mood Boards

Many fans of Pinterest will tell you of their joy in being able to create a digital mood board, all on this wonderful website. In fact, why not try upping your Pinterest game with awesome boards by following the tips in the link? Whilst Pinterest certainly does have its uses for all things arts and crafts related, there is something to be said about the actual work and effort that goes into making a physical mood board, which you can pin on the walls of your home for real inspiration every time you look at it.

Use Real Items

The whole point of a mood board is to be able to access it to visualise the content in your own project. If you are planning on decorating a whole new room, but aren’t sure that your desired colour scheme works, a physical mood board can encourage your vision.

Perhaps you have an idea for a two-tone colour scheme, but are still unsure of how you would achieve this. Placing them both together side by side on your mood board allows you to see whether these colours would work together, as you can use the exact intended paint, instead of relying on a similar hue on the internet.

Place It Where You Can See It

When I’m planning on redesigning a room, I like to place my mood board in easy sight, so I can live with its contents for a few weeks at least to see if it’s going to work for me. Doing this allows me to make the necessary adjustments as and when it suits me. I also then know that by the end of the month if I could make this combination work or not – before I go ahead and refurbish an entire room!

Add to It Continuously

I also notice that when when I plan any room with a mood board, I feel more creative – after all it is a case of placing what we would like and re-arranging it to look good on a board! I believe a mood board allows me to experiment because, unfortunately, this isn’t something you can usually do when you’ve committed to buying all your accessories, paints and paper – and more so when it is all up on the walls!

I also feel less restricted and more inclined to try something out of my comfort zone because a) I’m not committing to anything at this stage and b) who knows, I may just have found a brand-new look for my room!

Above all, it offers a creative experience that perhaps you can’t quite get online. From the touch of a fabric, to the real colour on the board – not what you see as a picture online. So, let’s shut down that webpage for this one, and get to work sticking, creating and cutting for a cathartic experience you won’t find online!