Personal and Business Finances Q&A

After researching what to possible do with some extra money I got from the new PayPal casino I recently explored, I decided to create a different kind of value by researching answers to questions my readers sent through previously.

Q. I got a little extra money because I don’t have health insurance through my employer. Is there some kind of a health insurance for me?

A. There is no health insurance for you.

Well, as you may have guessed, health insurance for a retired person is not a realistic thing. If you work for an employer that provides health insurance, the only health insurance you can get is through Medicare, which comes with no benefits at all.

If you live in a state with a Medicaid option, you might be eligible for one of those, but again, that does not come with any coverage at all.

The only way to get health insurance without going through an employer would be to buy it directly from one of the major insurance companies. It would cost you a lot more than your premiums to the insurance company.

Health Insurance

Q. What do I do if I find out I need health insurance right before my surgery? Will I need to change my surgery date?

A. No, because even if you need to change your surgery date, it won’t change anything about the timing of your surgery. The hospital doesn’t care what your surgery date is. If you need health insurance right before the surgery, you’ll still need to pay for it, whether you get it directly or whether you get it from your employer.

A different situation would be if your surgery date got postponed for some reason. You’ll need health insurance right before that surgery, and you might need to change the surgery date.

Changing the surgery date is a way to pay for it. If you wait and get it after your surgery, you’ll pay the full amount of the surgery.

Reputation Insurance

Q. Do I need reputation insurance if I’m still doing business in a business that has a bad reputation for not doing anything?

A. If you’re in business with a bad reputation for not doing anything, then maybe you do need reputation insurance. Reputation insurance pays for a situation like this, but it doesn’t always pay if your business is doing just fine.

This is a situation where you would really need to get a written opinion of whether it was reasonable for the reputation of your business to be in such a bad state. There is a good chance it wouldn’t be.

If you think it’s reasonable, then it won’t hurt to pay for reputation insurance. If you’re just worried that your reputation will cost you a lot more than it would cost for someone else to gain a bad reputation for your business, it might not be worth it.

Bad Credit

Q. What if my credit is really bad? What if my credit report is so bad that my business won’t take me?

A. Don’t worry about credit. If it’s just bad, your business won’t care. They might not want to take you, but it won’t matter if you’re bad credit or not bad credit.

There is one thing that your credit can affect. If your credit report says you owe $6,000 on your credit cards, that can make you look very bad. If you have a really bad credit, you might not be able to get business loans for your business.