What to Use Instead of Plastic Bags

Whether you’re offering bags to your customers, passing goods off to a courier service, or just trying to get things organised and moved around a storefront, you rely on bags every single day. Unfortunately, those bags are usually made of a polymer compound that doesn’t degrade for hundreds of years, damages the environment, and despite what the recycling industry might say, they usually aren’t fully recycled.

So, what can you use for your day-to-day business tasks instead of traditional plastic bags? Well, good for you, eco carrier bags are climbing in popularity, and they might just be the perfect way for you to continue your normal business model without causing any further damage to the environment. In fact, doing so has a unique benefit for the environment besides not producing more plastic.

Let’s take a look at what eco courier bags are, why they’re great options, and how you can get a hold of a bulk order for your business.

What are Eco Carrier Bags?

Eco carrier bags are spacious bags capable of toting larger quantities of goods, but instead of being made of plastic or other environmentally harmful items, they’re made from sustainable recycled resources.

Eco carrier bags pack all the functionality of a standard carrier bag, but you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint, disposing of them is easy, and your eco-friendly efforts can appeal to a growing audience of green customers.

The Benefits of Eco Carrier Bags

Eco carrier bags have a number of benefits we’ve touched on already. This all comes from the materials they’re made with. You can purchase eco carrier bags made from paper, cotton, and various other eco-friendly materials. Some options are longer lasting than others, such as cotton being more durable for long-term use than paper, but all of them are more than capable of carrying out all the tasks a carrier bag should.

The first benefit this brings is that the bags are recyclable. If you have a recycling container or a nearby recycling station, you can get rid of these bags without any sorting or messing around with them. Chuck them in the bin and move on with your life.

They’re also biodegradable; which means, unlike plastic bags, they’ll naturally break down in a couple of weeks to a few short months if they accidentally wind up in a landfill or out on the street; a huge contrast to the hundreds of years plastic can take.

Not only that, but in today’s business world, you can gain a lot of marketing steam by switching to eco-friendly options. Customers are looking for that sort of behaviour from the companies they do business with.

Finally, eco carrier bags can be made from hyacinth; a disruptive ocean grass that destroys entire coastal ecosystems. By purchasing paper-based eco carrier bags, you can help maintain the world’s oceans without taking on any extra costs.