What to Wear Hiking

Even though hiking calls for utmost comfort, you can still look stylish. The best course of action is to plan your outfits. Are you hiking alone? Are you hiking with friends and family? Perhaps it’s a special hiking date.

All the above call for the best outfits you can put together to look your best. Picking out what to wear hiking is not as simple as a walk in a park. There is specialized hiking apparel that can sustain the harsh terrain. Shoes for one must be comfortable hiking boots all the way.

Check the weather before choosing what to wear hiking. Is it sweltering outside or just the start of spring? The heat of summertime calls for light fabrics only. On the other hand, the beginning of spring layers of clothes are needed. Furthermore, you will have to consider the style and weight of your daypack or backpack when considering clothing for a hike. You want to make sure you have the essentials packed first before planning an outfit – not the other way around.

Choosing What to Wear Hiking

Before you put any outfit together, there are several factors to consider:

  • Quality of materials

On a hot summer day, denim and cotton are not your friends. They might look chic, but they tend to hold water. You need light fabrics that dry as fast as you sweat. In case you wear cotton, you feel wet all the way, and when it gets cold, a chill sets in.

Go for nylon and polyesters. These are the favorite materials of many hikers and are lightweight. They wick up all the excess sweat and dry just as fast.

  • State of the Weather

As earlier mentioned, it might be in the heat of summer or early springtime. Summer calls for simplicity and light clothing. Nylon and polyester tops and pants are the best option.

For early springtime, a chill might be in the air. It calls for layers of clothes. Get heavier pants and a jumper.

  • Type of Fabric

Quality is crucial when choosing an outfit for hiking. You want clothes that are light but can still withstand the journey ahead. Don’t get pants that are too light and tear up after the first hiking trip. Search for top quality even if they might be higher priced.

  • The Customer Reviews

What are other people saying about that shirt or pants you want to buy? Let the customer comment guide you. Since there are thousands of clothes to choose from, comments help you sift through them.

  • The Accessories

You can wear a good pair of sunglasses and a hiking hat. The best hiking hats shield our face, and you can add a neck scarf. Sunglasses keep the glare of the sun off your face.

Trendy Hiking Outfits

The best way to manage a good outfit is by ticking everything in the list below. It guides you on the best outfits to wear on your hiking trip.

  • Pants for Hiking

Pants make more sense for a hike. Shorts are bets kept for short walks even if it’s hot outside. A good pair of these pants can last you for a long time. The good news is you can play around with shades and colors, keeping your overall look fun.

Remember that fashion and comfort doesn’t mean poor quality. Get pants that can last for many more hikes. Sturdy but light pants are the most ideal. Pants are also a wise choice since the trek can end in the evening when it gets chilly.

  • Leggings for Hiking

For ladies, there is the option of wearing pants or leggings. The best material for hiking leggings is soft, comfortable, and long-lasting. The leggings must have external pockets to keep essentials in. Leggings are cute, and you have so many color variations to choose.

Pair them with a simple top, and you are good to go. You remain comfortable all day long, even when it gets a bit cold in the evening as you head back.

  • Shirts for Hiking

Next comes what to wear with pants and leggings. For men, a nylon or polyester shirt is the answer. You want a shirt that is light enough, but also comfortable. Keep those cotton T-shirts for another activity.

Ladies, the same rule applies. Cotton tops are not ideal for hiking. Whichever top you pick must be made of the appropriate hiking materials.

  • Hiking Boots

Finally, you come to the most critical component of every hiking outfit, the Hiking Shoes. Not every shoe works for hiking. The terrain is fierce, and you need comfortable, yet appropriate shoes. Pick out quality hiking boots that fit you well.


Dress up for that hiking date. Let every inch of your outfit ooze sophistication. Keep it fun all the way and play around with colors. Accessories like sunglasses go a long way in bringing an outfit together.