Where Can I Get Recyclable Mailing Bags In The UK?

There is an increasing demand for recyclable mailing bags for the UK market, and there are various ways and places you can get them. The following is a list of some of these places.

1.     Paper Bag Company

This is one of the leading paper bag manufacturers for retail and promotion in the United Kingdom. They have large quantities of plain bags of different colours, designs, sizes, and shapes if you want to buy some wholesale. The company, which has been in operation for over forty years, shows its commitment to environmental management by being FSC certified. They commit to only stock products whose origin can be traced to sustainable forests.

Paper Bag Co are more focused on providing alternatives to plastic bags. They have coloured paper bags, brown paper bags and white paper bags, which are recyclable. They have also enhanced their inventory with reusable solid bags, including cotton totes, canvas totes, and jute tote bags.

2.     Kite Packaging

This packaging solutions company was established in 2001, and it has made its name as a supplier of premium packaging material. They have recyclable, eco-friendly mailing bags made of sugarcane. The bags are 50 microns thick, and they are fully recyclable. Unlike many compostable mailing bags, this bag hasn’t compromised its strength. Its properties are the same as the standard oil produced by polythene.

These bags are some of the few carbon-neutral products on the market. The carbon dioxide emitted in their manufacture cancels out the one absorbed when growing the sugarcane needed to manufacture the bags.

3.     Polybags Limited

This company is well placed to manufacture mailing bags for online retailers because it is an online retailer. It has been in the packaging business for over sixty years, a time over which it has established a name for itself and gained valuable experience in the market’s needs.

They have also confirmed the current trend where reusable and recyclable mailing bags are preferred to protect the environment. The recyclable bags in their stable include bags made from recycled material that can be re-recycled. These are usually plastic bags.

The company has bags made with a bio-additive to expedite decomposition. They are also recyclable. These bags have double safety so that if you recycle them, you can use them but if you don’t, they will break down fast.

There is no shortage of companies with recyclable mailing bags in the UK. You can get the bags in stores where these companies retail them or order directly from the manufacturer. How you order the bags depends on the quantities you need and how personalized you want them to be. If, for example, your business mails thousands or even hundreds of pieces per month, you may find a better deal by buying directly from the company. Also, if you want your company details printed as part of branding and advertisement, you can order from the company for one-time customization.