Which paper mailing bag should you pick for your item?

Shipping items out has become a lot easier in recent years. Improvements in technology have made it easier to list products online, add labels and send them off to the post office. This has led to a lot of people choosing to start online sales businesses and sending off some old items for a bit of extra cash.

With all this new demand there has been a surge in the number of packaging options. For smaller items, paper mailing bags are a great option as not only are they eco-friendly, but they also provide good security for the item being delivered.

In today’s blog, we have a look at some of the different options when it comes to paper mailing bags and which one you should choose depending on what you are sending.

  1. Grass paper mailing bags: good for eco-friendly products

If you are selling a product that is focused on an eco-friendly selling point, grass paper mailing bags are a great option. These versatile options are made from grass pulp and give you a great product with a lower environmental impact in terms of deforestation and pollution.

These paper mailing bags work well with ‘green products’ that will benefit from the added marketing opportunities using grass mailing bags bring.

  1. Click and collect paper mailing bags: good for secure deliveries

If you are selling valuable items click and collect premium paper mailing bags will help you stand out from the crowd whilst also giving your customers a secure delivery. When buying these paper mailing bags make sure you consider the design, a lot of high-quality suppliers will give you the option of branding the bag for your customers!

  1. Premium paper mailing bags: great for premium goods

If you are selling a premium product then you may want to invest in more luxury paper mailing bags. These come with a more bespoke finish and more intricate sealing. These are perfect if you are looking to stand out from competitors and provide your customers with a paper mailing bag that will match the feel of the premium product they are buying.

  1. Standard paper mailing bags: good for budget items

If you are selling low-priced goods a standard paper mailing bag is a great option. It provides secure inexpensive packaging that will often be able to be shipped as a large or small letter. When using these types of mailing bags make sure you seal them correctly, this will help your parcel arrive safely.

Pick the best paper mailing bag type for your product

When selling goods online it is easy to overlook the packaging, but taking care of the style that you pick can add to the overall quality of the buying experience and lead to more repeat business in the future. No matter what type of paper mailing bag that you pick, make sure that you go with a good supplier. This will maximise the chances of you getting a good product to send off your goods in and keep your customers happy.