Why Are Seated Stairlifts Better than Perch Stairlifts?

You’re probably used to the way seated stairlifts look and operate, but you might not have seen a perch stairlift before. Instead of full seats, these have very small padded seats. Rather than sitting down, you simply rest against the perch, keeping your legs more or less straight as you’re taken up and down your stairs.

Perch staircases are sometimes recommended, but only when the user suffers from certain conditions. Here’s why seated stairlifts work best for most people.

Added Comfort

One of the most persuasive reasons to buy a seated stairlift is comfort. Perching on a little half-seat isn’t as comfy as reclining into a full seat. This is especially true if you suffer from mobility issues. During a trip up or down the stairs while remaining in a semi-standing position can exert pressure on your joints, potentially worsening joint pain. Owing to this reason, you may want to purchase a seated stairlift available at UK Mobility Stairlifts and similar retailers, which can offer unmatched comfort.

Added Support

If you’re still considering a perch stairlift, make sure you check out the weight restrictions. With a perch stairlift, all your bodyweight will be placed on the foot rest and perch. As such, they generally have a far lower weight restriction than a traditional seated stairlift.

Added Safety

Safety is a paramount concern when you’re dealing with stairlifts, and a seated stairlift is far safer than a perch one. There’s very little danger of falling when you’re sitting down, and you can easily hold anything you’re carrying in your lap instead of letting it trail behind you.

Added Space

You’ll often be told that a perch stairlift is advantageous when dealing with narrow staircases, but this is only partly true. The problem is that you need enough headroom at the top of the staircase to fit through your whole standing body, and that’s not always feasible. If you do have a narrow staircase, there are easier ways to fit a stairlift than going for a perch model.