Why You Should Try a Serviced Apartment in Central London

If you’re looking for accommodation in Central London, you absolutely have to check out the newer “serviced apartment” scene. 

In essence, these work just like the hotels you’re used to. You go to the booking site, tell them what dates you want the apartment for, pay, and then you stay in the apartment for that period before checking out. 

However, it’s also extremely different. It’s like paying for a hotel but getting a real home to live in. 

Not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should check out serviced apartments in Central London. 

1: In the Middle of Everything

The serviced apartments in Central London are in an epicenter of culture, commerce, and industry. It’s like living right in the middle of a big city that has everything you could possibly need within walking distance, and at the very most, you might have to take a trolley to get where you’re going. 

This makes staying in London for your vacation or business trip exceptionally easy, and you never have to worry about much while you’re there. 

2: High-Quality Accommodations Just Like Home

One of the drawbacks of booking a hotel is that you basically narrow the home experience into two rooms; a living room that functions as a bedroom, living room, and “kitchen”, and a closet-sized bathroom that is in no way comfortable to use. 

However, with a serviced apartment, you really get a place you can call home throughout your stay. If you want to retire to your sleeping quarters for a bit of rest, you get a private, full-sized, fully furnished, bedroom you can truly relax. 

If you want to enjoy an evening with your family watching TV broadcasts that are wildly different from what you have back home, you get a full-sized living room complete with couches, a proper television, tables, and perfect lighting. 

The bathroom, a point of contention with hotels, is a real bathroom outfitted with the space and commodities you need to practice proper hygiene. 

3: Save Money Cooking Your Own Meals

There’s a reason we didn’t highlight the kitchen in the previous section; like the other rooms, it’s fully furnished. However, it has the added benefit of letting you save a lot of money. 

The average meal at a restaurant in London costs 11-EUR per person. If your family of four eats out once per day, every day, that’s 44-EUR per day just for one meal. 

Since a serviced apartment has a fully furnished kitchen, you can save that money and spend half of that cooking all three meals at the apartment. Of course, you should get out and enjoy the local cuisine, but there’s nothing wrong with cooking at least a couple of meals at home throughout the day. 

Book Your London Trip Right

If you’re looking to enjoy your trip to Central London, for whatever reason you visiting, you absolutely have to try serviced accommodations. They’re as convenient as hotels, but they pack so many more features.