I have set up this website to create a platform for all those who love arts and crafts, especially knitting. There is an entire community of artists creating beautiful crafts and designs worldwide and this website is for all lovers of handmade products.

I’m Anna Angelovsky, my passion is knitting, and on this website, I intend to share my passion and knowledge of knitting and other arts and crafts with people from all over the world. Thanks to the internet, people can now teach and learn new skills, share craft ideas and inspire the creation of more wonderful, handmade products.

You may enjoy jewelry making, painting, sculpting, paper mache, woodwork, glass art, sewing, stitching, beading or pottery or indeed have mastered one of many other artisan skills, but my main passion is knitting.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved knitting, and I do believe that I learned how to knit even before I could write. My very first memory is of sitting on a big, comfortable armchair and watching my mother knit a delicate scarf with subtle colours, a variety of yarns and stitches and I was mesmerized with the speed and calm of her work. I would hear the gentle noise of the knitting needles and see the fast, effortless movement of her hands and her skillful fingers. It never took her long to create the most gorgeous knitwear, gloves, hats, socks, scarf, cardigans, jumpers, she even knitted entire dresses and skirts. Her reputation followed her, many people would purchase her creations or ask her to knit specific items.

I was taken by the calm of her creative process, the world around her seemed to vanish, whenever she was knitting and maybe that is a sign of true artistry. Soon, I wanted to learn and I remember her eyes lighting up when I managed to knit my very first flawless row without dropping any stitches. She was so proud and happy, I was delighted with myself and from that day onward I spent all of my spare time knitting, learning and perfecting this fine art. By the age of twelve, I, too, was able to create entire outfits and help my mother with her many orders.

Throughout secondary school, I would sit in class and knit while listening to the teacher, and my friends soon gave up trying to tell me to put my knitting down, I just couldn’t. The teachers didn’t mind, they knew that I was conscientious and would always stay on top of my school work, and they too valued the sense of tranquility that knitting seems to invoke. On occasion, I would start a trend among my classmates and they too would knit during class. Some of them possessed the patience and diligence required to knit a truly stunning piece of knitting, while others lacked the tenacity and care and would just hastily knit rather poor items. Many of them would ask me for help and tips and I always enjoyed patiently guiding them through their work, tweaking their techniques and helping them to perfect their skills. More often than not, they couldn’t quite believe just how easy knitting is, once you know the basics and are willing to persevere.

At that time, I was asked by one of my teachers, to teach the entire class, boys included, and this first lesson proved to be the starting point of my journey as a teacher. More classes were requested and added and I was soon offering an entire plethora of knitting classes to the people of my town and beyond. I loved the whole process, enjoyed seeing people master the skill of knitting and perfecting it within a short space of time. To prepare for my lessons, I would often do some online research and soon discovered a number of online knitting tutorials. This was like a revelation to me and soon had me create my very own online knitting course. Thanks to the great technology available nowadays, the process was considerably easier than expected. I had quickly created a complete knitting program and started seeking students online. Perhaps because knitting is often no longer taught at schools, the number of people seeking knitting classes online has grown exponentially and my programs have been selling very well.

To broaden the scope of my subjects, I also added tutorials in other crafts and I am now the proud creator of many arts, crafts and knitting programs.

On this website, you will find countless knitting and art and design tips, ideas and tutorials and I hope you enjoy discovering them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.