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Recycled ties and the benefits they carry

Recycled ties are created using plastic bottles that are put through a recycling process and then spun into recycled polyester yarn. Over time ties have been known as a mark of professionalism, whilst recycled ties represent environmental awareness and a commitment to helping the ...Read More

7 Knitted Fashion Trends to Keep You Cozy & Stylish

Fashion trends are always coming and going and are no longer restricted to seasonal changes. One trend that has never really trended out of style is knitwear. From what was once reserved for your grandma’s sweaters, knitwear has now evolved into timeless pieces that ...Read More

Cashmere, Merino, Alpaca & Co: What you should know!

Have you ever thought about a sweater made of fine merino wool, alpaca or even noble cashmere? Here we have summarized important facts about some of the most exclusive wool varieties:  Many people regard wool as a slightly scratchy or itchy fabric. In 2012, ...Read More

Masonic ties and what they mean

Ties have been used for thousands of years as a way of showing involvement within a workforce, team, club or organisation and Masonic ties are no different – ties have been a vital part of Masonic regalia for many years. Freemasons are known to ...Read More

How are wholesale ties manufactured?

Ties are a product that have their origins in the 17th century and are now available through wholesale around the world. The market is teeming with different tie manufactures but how exactly do they create the wholesale ties we know today? The short answer ...Read More

Upholstery Sewing 101

At least once in your life, it may well be just a fact, that you have in one way or another torn a piece of clothing you were wearing. You may have torn a bit of your pants from falling off a tree when ...Read More

Storage Tips for your Knitting Equipment

Owning beautiful yarns in a rainbow of colours along with shiny or natural bamboo needles are part of the pleasure of knitting. While collections can get quite large, we still want them near us to admire and inspire, so storage has to be convenient, ...Read More

What is The Difference Between Knitting and Crochet

Though knitting is my passion, I do like to alternate between knitting and crocheting. Many people find the two almost identical, and struggle to understand what the differences are – if any. I am often asked by beginners to both crafts, which would be ...Read More