Recycled ties and the benefits they carry

Recycled ties are created using plastic bottles that are put through a recycling process and then spun into recycled polyester yarn. Over time ties have been known as a mark of professionalism, whilst recycled ties represent environmental awareness and a commitment to helping the environment – and of course they maintain the quality of standard polyester ties.

Recycled ties limit pollution

Plastic is ending up in places where it shouldn’t be and as a result it is causing harm. In the UK approximately 13 billion plastic bottles are used each year. Vast amounts of plastic pollute our oceans, endangering wildlife and entering the food chain. However, one of the great things about recycled ties is that they prevent plastic bottle waste entering and polluting our oceans.

Recycled ties help to reduce landfill waste

Did you know that only 50% of plastic bottles used per household are recycled whilst the remaining plastic waste ends up in landfills? This is a big problem, especially when you consider that plastic takes over 1,000 years to degrade! Each recycled tie saves an average of 2 plastic bottles from landfill.

Recycled ties show environmental awareness

Choosing recycled ties shows environmental awareness within your business and is more likely to attract customers who share the same values. It is so important to take interest in wider social issues and be environmentally conscious within your business. We should all be striving to have a positive impact on society!

The great thing about recycled ties is that they offer the same versatility in terms of colour and design as standard ties and can be custom made to ensure they perfectly suit your business. Even if you already wear business ties why not make a small but significant change from standard ties to recycled ties for your business, check out this recycled tie manufacturer. In our current climate every little really does help – lets look after our environment together!