Lifestyle Trends to Expect Post-lockdown

Trends in life are always changing, from fashion to social media. After the era of lockdowns, it’s safe to say that a new, colorful wave of lifestyle trends is going to emerge as people embrace their new freedoms – and these trends are going to be super impactful.

If you want to be ahead of the curve and prepare for the future of 2021 and 2022, read on to discover what lifestyle trends to expect.

Smarter, ‘greener’ travel

There have been a whole lot of shocking realizations throughout the world’s various lockdowns – one of them being that there are too many cars on the road and too many planes in the sky. Quite simply, we have taken our earth’s environment for granted.

What will the changes be because of this realization? There will be several – like reduced travel done in a smarter, ‘greener’ way. This means swapping cars for scooters – like the ones at – and walking more frequently. It’s highly likely that people will still be cautious about using public transport, so it might be a little while until you see packed trains and buses again.

Also, remember how before you could fly halfway around the world for the price of a bottle of soda? (not literally, but you get the point). Cheap flights were a big part of people’s lives, but post-COVID, this is going to end. So, you should expect to see more expensive flights as well as significantly less flights to choose from in the future. Sorry travel fanatics, but this will be the new normal – at least for now, anyway.

Endless social media posting

Once bars, restaurants, stores, and all the world’s other favorite places open in max capacity, it’s going to result in a massive influx of social media posting – more than has ever been seen before.

This is hardly surprising. People have been stuck in their houses for over a year and have – inevitably – been low on content ideas for their social media pages. After all, there’s only so many times you can post what you’re watching on Netflix or which bottle of wine you’re drinking tonight.

So, once everywhere is officially open, you will have to refresh your Instagram and Twitter feeds every minute to stay up-to-date with what your friends and family are doing, as they’ll be going crazy with Instagram posts looking for likes.

Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene

Even the most unhygienic people have had their entire outlooks changed because of COVID – hygiene is essential for staying protected these days. As people step back out into the world, there is no doubt that most people have become hygiene experts. You should expect to see:

  • Less physical contact between people in public and at work (handshakes are almost certainly going to be a thing of the past)
  • Continued social distancing
  • Some people still wearing masks and using hygiene products like hand sanitizers

With changes like this looking to stay, it’s imperative that businesses attempt to keep up with any new and emerging trends. More restaurants and retailers will need to look to implement self-serve kiosks from companies such as KIOSK to help reduce the amount of face-to-face service. This will allow customers to remain socially distanced and help prevent the spread of COVID. Other businesses may look to other methods to ensure social distancing is possible for their employees, which leads us on to the next point.

Working from home

Working from home – a key part of people’s lives over the past year – could be here to stay in some shape or form. A lot of employers see the benefits of the working from home model (like the flexibility), and 25% of employees expect remote work to be an option during employment.

It seems like working life may have changed forever, so expect to see more flexible work schedules and the option to work remotely when you join a company.


These are some of the lifestyle trends that are likely to emerge in the post-COVID world – try your best to prepare for them!