This website has quickly grown into the online gathering place for anyone who loves knitting and all the other forms of art and craft. There are thousands upon thousands of creatively minded people seeking inspiration, tuition and supplies. The success of my blog and website soon led many businesses who provide arts and craft services to my door, all of whom wished to advertise on my site. I was thrilled, simply because many readers had contacted me seeking information on where to purchase knitting, art and craft supplies or services and I ended up spending quite some time supplying names and contact details of relevant businesses.

This happened on a number of occasions, once after I had published a blog post about knitting with delicate wool, I received countless enquiries until it finally dawned on me to contact a number of suppliers, tell them of all the new customers and ask them if they would like to advertise on my site. Most of them agreed, the ad was quickly published, readers were happy to have suppliers at their fingertips, my workload was reduced and the advertisers couldn’t quite believe just how many new customers they got.

This method has worked very well for many knitting and art supply businesses, as I now usually publish a number of ads alongside each blog, making it easy for the reader to go ahead and purchase the supplies needed for the creation of the craft described in the post.

Because the content of my website is hands-on and practical, readers will always seek products and services at once which is great for all advertising suppliers. All businesses who have had ads published on my site have seen considerable sales growth and I like to think that advertising on my site is of the best ways to spend your advertising budget.

The Benefits of Advertising on My Website or Blog

Advertising on my website will never be a waste of money, simply because:

  • Enthusiastic Readers, Ready to Create: The vast majority of my readers visit my site, inform themselves, learn and then go on to create in the comfort of their own home. For the most part, they can’t wait to get started and are happy to place online orders for the supplies they need. This turns the content of my website into a prime opportunity for relevant businesses who find themselves with access to thousands of ready and willing customers.
  • Practical and Simple: Readers are mostly seeking practical advice and the easier the creation process is made for them, the better. By placing relevant ads on my website, I can help my readers create more quickly and more easily. In that sense, the ads actually improve the reading experience of my many thousand website visitors.
  • 15’000 Knitting and Craft Fans: Every month, 15’000 unique visitors frequent my site and online data collected suggests that most of them will make a purchase within a short period of time. Unlike other types of advertising, having an ad published on my site has been exceptionally profitable for all advertisers.

Simple Process, Great Rates

If you would like to avail of this excellent advertising opportunity, please send me a message using the form below. Within 24 to 48 hours you will receive an information pack outlining all the different advertising packages available and also indicate the cost involved. Once you have decided to proceed, we jointly create a visually stunning ad and seek the best possible location on my website. Advertisers usually quickly see an increase in visitors to their own site as well as an increased demand for their products or services.