Eco Paper Carrier Bags: A Reliable, Sustainable Business Solution

As a business owner, you have two reasons to care about the bags you offer customers while they shop. First, you need to save money and keep your premises clean. Then, you have to worry about making your customers happy in the process.

How do you do that, though? If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know that customers aren’t exactly keen on always putting things where they belong, they have high demands, and of course, your pocketbook has to play a big role in your decision-making. So, what’s the solution to your bagging issue?

We believe it’s eco paper carrier bags, and here’s why.

Cleaner, Business-Friendly Bags:

When you offer plastic bags to your customers, you can bet they’ll end up all over your parking lot, stuffed in weird places, and they’re generally just a big mess you have to worry about. That’s the consequence of putting the needs of others first, right? Well, you can help resolve that with eco paper carrier bags.

Yes, they will still end up everywhere, and yes, you will still be the one forced to waste time picking up after everybody, but there’s a caveat; you don’t have to worry as much if you miss some.

If a bag gets blown into a drain, it’s not going to clog your business’s water system. If it gets stuck up in your signage out of reach, one good rainstorm, and it will decompose entirely. It’s not going to mess things up like plastic bags can with their 40-year shelf lives.

Profit Generating:

You’re not the only one who cares about the environment; your customers do, too. In fact, most customers admit to being willing to spend more at businesses that show they care about the environment because it aligns with their personal values.

By replacing your stock of plastic bags with eco paper carrier bags, you can align your business with your customers’ values and earn their money in far larger amounts than you did previously. If not for the environment, maybe you’ll consider it for profits?

Encourages Recycling and Reusing:

Plastic isn’t something people like to stare at now that they’re aware of the problems it causes. They try to do their best by tossing plastic bags in the recycling bin, but the truth is, those usually end up in a landfill anyway. So, it doesn’t achieve much.

However, people are a bit more caring when it comes to plant life, and their automatic assumption about paper bags is that they’re made from trees. They’re actually made from a kelp species if they’re sourced from a responsible company, but the sentiment is still there.

This makes customers more likely to save and reuse their paper bags as long as they’re not too badly damaged.

Why Not Switch to Paper?

Besides those three perks, paper bags also aren’t a sizeable investment. They’re comparable in price to plastic bags of the same size. So, you won’t even be losing money.