Events that make the perfect excuse to book serviced accommodation in Bristol this summer

Finding an excuse to book a summer getaway is not a something that many people struggle with, however deciding on the location that you visit can make for a more difficult decision. If you are looking for a UK based city, then Bristol could be the perfect option. Here are some of the events that are coming up in the summer that could make for a fantastic stay in some Bristol serviced accommodation.

  • The Euros are always big around every city in the UK

With the euros coming up on the horizon, many are going to be packing the pubs to support their nations. If you fancy taking part in this and soaking up the atmosphere, some serviced accommodation in Bristol could be just the ticket.

The event is different this year in that it is taking place in many different destinations around Europe, meaning more potential cultural experiences and in theory a heightened atmosphere.

  • The Olympics are a big event that brings a lot of business to Bristol

As is often the case, after the Euros the Olympics often draws up wider sporting competition between many different countries around the world. A large number of pubs and public places dedicated to sporting events in Bristol means this is one of the best cities in the UK to experience the sporting spectacle from. Some fully serviced accommodation will also help you unwind and escape when you feel like calling it a night.

  • Get prime serviced accommodation for Bristol Harbourside Festival

Whilst the summer is going to bring many different international sporting occasions, there are also plenty of Bristol-based events that are well worth booking some local serviced accommodation for. Bristol Harbourside Festival is a yearly event that brings a hotbed of culture and vibrant food to one of the city’s most famous districts. Conveniently, the Harbourside district also offers some of Bristol’s best-serviced accommodation.

  • Find events that are accessible outside of Bristol

Whilst there is plenty to do in Bristol, the city’s location means it is also great if you plan on visiting other areas during your serviced accommodation stay. There is a great direct train to London and cities like Bath, Salisbury and Gloucester are all within reach and all offer their own unique events.

Get serviced accommodation located within transport links for convenience

If you want to benefit from the accessible location of Bristol, we recommend booking serviced accommodation that is located close to bus and train transport links. This will stop you feeling restricted from the number of possible events that you could attend.