Haunted Locations from Around the World to Visit

This is a compilation of all the tales of haunted hotels put together. Regardless of which part of the world you are in, you are likely to find a haunted house, inn, or an old historical site. From Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania to Puppet Island in Mexico, these are truly scary places to visit around the world. Hey, even some of the best online casinos have a horror theme.

Whether these sites date back to the 12th or 20th century, they each have an interesting history, with many ghost sightings and creepy experiences. From gothic villas to eerie cemeteries and eerie islands, paranormal places grab our attention even as we resist the urge to curl up indoors. There is no shortage of creepy and sinister places in Virginia.

Among the many haunted castles in Ireland, the 16th century Ross Castle in County Meath is now a five-bedroom bed and breakfast. Ross Castle was built by the notorious British lord Richard Nugent, a barbarian nobleman, and his daughter Sabina is said to be haunted. Bran Castle is the only castle in Transylvania that fits the description of the Gothic horror novel Dracula. This magnificent 14th-century castle is a national monument and is known for the chilling romance of Bram Stokers.

This castle, fortress and world heritage site built in 1097 has a history of more than 900 years. The Tower of London is one of the most haunted places in Britain, from royal kings to prisoners.

With so many haunted places in the world, it doesn’t seem fair that you notice spooky places like Bran Castle in Transylvania getting all the attention. The UK is arguably the most visited land in the world, with England being the most visited country, reporting the densest coverage of alleged ghost and paranormal sightings by both humans and geographic region.

A list of places in the world that are said to be haunted, that is, places where ghosts or other supernatural creatures (including demons) are said to live. This village in Kent was once rated as the most visited village in England by the Guinness Book of World Records, with an estimated 12-16 ghosts.

Travellers looking to encounter one of the many local ghosts should definitely take a walk along the haunted paths. Carrying their own ghost-hunting equipment from SpiritShack could increase their chances of capturing a ghost on their thermal imaging camera or spirit box, thereby adding to their spooky adventure. Note that the place in Kent was featured in the paranormal shows “Adventures of Ghosts” and “The Scariest Places on Earth.” So, it could be a distressing journey for the faint-hearted. On the contrary, those who love all this paranormal might fill the intense adrenaline rush. General info: The island is not technically open to the public, but there are several tour operators who will guide you through it.

That said, since ghosts don’t have weekends, you can visit most of these places even now, whether it’s on a guided tour or a thrilling solo walk in the dark. In addition to regular guided tours, the castle hosts historic ghost nights where you can go on a candlelit ghost hunt.

Close opened as a tourist attraction in 2003 and visitors can now venture under the streets of Edinburgh and explore this forgotten haunted world. The Beechworth Orphanage in Beechworth, Victoria is reported to be haunted by several of the ghosts of deceased patients. East State Prison has appeared on several paranormal programs and received countless reports of ghosts from visitors.

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