How to create a great wholesale paper bag giveaway at your store

Marketing events and promotional activities can be hard to get right, particularly if you are short on time in which to perform them. If you work in a retail store special trade shows or flash sales can be a great way to generate interest around a product or special sale. One way that you can help customers remember the event is through selective giveaways. This could include vouchers, trials on products, or perhaps even wholesale paper bags. Keep reading to find out more about how to create a great wholesale paper bag giveaway at your store.

  • Makes sure the wholesale paper bag is good quality

Quality is essential, particularly when you are trying to win new customers. Make sure you buy quality wholesale paper bags. These will be sturdy, have good sized handles and a strong base so you can be sure your customers will not be disappointed with the product. The bags are going to reflect your brand, so you need to make sure they are good in the eyes of customers.

  • make it clear to customers why you are giving the bags away

If you set up an event and do not make it clear to your customers the reason for the wholesale paper bag giveaway, you are potentially missing out on a big opportunity. To stop this from happening include plenty of clear signage and posters showing what your business is promoting and why you are promoting it. As always, make sure this matches up with your digital strategy to ensure cohesion across your marketing.

  • Include other offerings along with the wholesale paper bags

In addition to the wholesale paper bag giveaway, you should include other elements to try and entice customers in. This could come in the form of free trial periods on products, free product demos and vouchers for future use. Essentially you need to find a way to entice customers back into your stores.

  • Create an event that will make customers want to return

Finally, you need to remember there are no amount of added touches you can add if the event is not up to scratch. Make sure you pull out all the stops so that your wholesale paper bag giveaway is a success. Clean the showroom, ensure the staff are trained on what is going on, and you will be well on your way to a great give away event.

Find the right supplier for good quality wholesale paper bags

Getting the supplier right for your wholesale paper bags will save you a lot of bother in the long run. You will not have to worry about the bags breaking or not arriving in time for your big event day. Conduct your due diligence and find a wholesale paper bag supplier who can meet your needs both in terms of lead times and quality.