How to Make Halloween Celebration Enjoyable for Everyone

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought us into the new normal. It has changed just about everything that we are used to doing – shopping is now done online, work and school are now done inside your home, even parties and dining out is not advisable anymore.

Now, we are under the assumption that Halloween is not going to be canceled because of the pandemic – if safety protocols are followed and social distancing is observed. If people remain outside of houses and don’t come into direct contact with anyone, Halloween should go ahead. Kids should also be wearing face masks. Parents can find 3 layer face masks online if they need to purchase one for their children. This will prevent the spread of the virus, keeping people safer.  

It is said that Halloween is for kids. And for the kids inside each and every adult out there who wanted to play the role of the superhero or any scary villain for a day – at least in the form of wearing a costume. It may not sound complicated at first, if you think of it that way. However, what we may be forgetting is that some kids who deserve to enjoy this occasion are with physical disabilities, allergies,  and those who are in the autism spectrum.

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Here are a few ways for adults like us to keep all kids in mind: 

Your treats should be accessible. You will never know beforehand if any of the kids who you are giving treats to have limiting physical abilities. It would be best to include kids with hearing or vision impairment, or mobility challenges in your plans for Halloween, and not just for the Trick or Treats. 

Kids with physical impairments need extra assistance and guidance to make them understand and appreciate the treats you are giving them. If a child is visually impaired, speak to him/her and describe what you are giving them. 

You need to make sure that children with these conditions can easily access your walkways or steps in your house to avoid them from accidentally tripping or falling on your Halloween decorations. 

Assign a “guard post” in your yard where they can easily see the kids that are coming and make sure that they are not having any difficulties. More importantly, provide a table with hand sanitizers and alcohol that the kids can access before and after going into your yard. Provide some eye catching halloween wall art signs so kids can easily find them

Understand the different needs of the children. In some cases, it is only the parents who are drawing joy out of making their kids wear the cute costumes and parade them while celebrating Halloween. What other parents do not realize is that their kids might not be liking the idea of wearing a particular costume and they are just being forced to participate because the parent is just over eager about it. 

Acknowledge the kids’ feelings about whether or not they want to wear a costume for Halloween after having a good discussion with them. There are some kids who are shy and would not want to be in a public place around kids he/she doesn’t know. 

If your kid is willing to participate, try to observe the kind of party he/she is going to attend to. You need to avoid an environment that is not child friendly – the theme might be too scary for a kid his age, or the music might be too loud. Things like this can be very overwhelming for a child and might just create bad memories about Halloween as they grow up. 

Watch out for food allergies and sweets. Know the common allergies that are in the treats you are giving. Ask the kids that are coming to your door for the possible allergies that they might have. 

Have a designated set of treats for different common allergies and make sure that each of the group of trees does not contain one of each common allergies. This way, you have an alternative treat in case a kid is allergic to one.

Together with knowing the possible allergies, you also need to make sure you are not giving treats that are too sweet. If you notice that a kid has gotten too many sweet treats already, you can try giving them toys instead, or any variety of candies that are not too sweet.

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