Knitting and Sign Letters: The Ultimate Bohemian Décor Combo

It is very difficult to come across beautiful mix and match décor ideas that bring a sense of warmth and positivity to the room. However, when you mix letters and knitting, you get the ultimate blend of positive vibes, bright colors and happiness. This is my personal favorite. I use signs as templates for creating knit cushions as well. There are many more ways in which you can combine these two polar opposite design ideas.

Today, let’s learn different ways in which this idea could make your room look fresh and happy.

Crochet letter

If you like crocheting, this is the best idea for you. Take one string as a base for all the letters and then start crocheting a word, your name or a phrase, horizontally. Of course, it is easier said than done. This project could take up your entire weekend, if you knit very quickly. Once done, just display them anywhere you like. Crochet ideas are great for furniture edges. If you want to smooth out the edges of any items in your home, including the doors, this idea is perfect for you. I have previously used letter crocheting for creating draperies as well. For this, I used high quality, thick wools. You may also try it but it is quite time consuming,

Big wool letters

Take a big woolen spool. Now, cut a small strand and tie it around the middle of the spool in such a way that you have two identical sets on either side. Now take a pair of scissors and star cutting out the edges of the spool on both sides. It should look like a big ruffled ball by now. Now, take sign letters as big as the spool and place them in the middle of the spool, exactly where you have tied it. You can get these American sign letters online with ease. The high-quality items do not lose their sheen easily and can be used with minimum maintenance too.

This is quite a contradictory look but it looks perfect. The good thing about it is that you see bright colored wools around metallic shine of the sign letters, which instantly garners everyone’s attention.

Wool around sign letters

If you are a knitting beginning and can’t create complicated patterns, this idea is perfect for you. It can also be adopted by people who have no previous experience in either knitting or DIY home décor. Just take big sized letters and colorful wools. Now, start rolling the wool around the metal décor piece. If you only have a couple of hours at your disposal, this method will definitely help you in creating a beautiful wall décor. You can create words by spinning a different colored wool around each piece. You could also use different colors on one piece for added effect.

Once you start working on these projects, you will start feeling more creative. Now go ahead and try these three simple and easy ways to decorate your house with beautiful letters and knit options. If you have any new ideas for knit and signs, share with us in the comments below.