The Best Upholstery Tools to Buy

Choosing the right tools for a certain project or undertaking is a crucial step in every situation. The right tools could either make or break your project, so it is really important to choose wisely and not just get anything off of the shelves. The same concept applies to upholstery or reupholstery projects. Whether you are designing your very own upholstered pieces of furniture or refurbishing and reupholstering old pieces of furniture, you would need the proper upholstery tools to help you finish the job quickly and easily. These special tools would be able to help you in dealing with special kinds of fabric so that you would not have to waste a lot of materials in the process. The best place to get all of your upholstery tools needs is from Heico Direct because of the wide array of selection available which would fit any of your preferences and needs. Before heading out to start on your DIY upholstered piece of furniture project, you should first be knowledgeable in the basic upholstery tools that you should be keeping handy at home so that you are sure that you have all of the necessities to help you have a smooth construction ahead.

Pliers to Make Life Easier

Pliers are an integral part of construction, especially if you are working with pieces of wood, staples, and nails. Taking out pieces of staple wires or nails, especially those with already broken pieces may sound like a simple task, but it is one of the most tedious jobs to be done especially if you are reupholstering an old piece of furniture. Staple puller pliers, bent wire clip pliers, angled or straight hog ring-closing spring pliers, revolving punch pliers, and zipper stop pliers would help with eliminating possible injuries. 

Wooden Mallets’ Strength

There is a great variety of wooden mallets you could choose from Heico Direct’s selection – from barrel-shaped ones up to mallets made out of beech. It is an integral part of furniture making and woodworks because it is not as heavy and strong as a regular metal mallet or hammer, but it does have a certain strength to it that would be beneficial for your output. In fact, it is the perfect tool to use when there are some sections or pieces of wood that needs replacing or if you want to put in a new piece of wood into its place. Do not be deceived with its appearance, because even though it is lightweight and made out of wood, it is still an effective tool to use to enforce strength where it is needed.

Scissors That Make That Cut

When working on upholstered pieces of furniture, you cannot just simply use any type of scissors that you have at home, especially if you are dealing with delicate materials and fabrics such as sheer or lace, or if you want to work with heavier fabrics such as leather or canvas materials. Any pair of scissors would not just simply make the cut when dealing with fabric for upholstered pieces of furniture, that is why it is extremely important to first determine which type of fabrics you would use for each project. That way, you would be able to select from the wide range of different kinds of scissors from Heico Direct’s website to help you make the perfect cuts. You can choose from different kinds from Heavy Tailor and Carpet Shears, Power Cutting Shears, up to Cordless Electric Scissors.

Keeping It Together

Of course, when you have a DIY upholstered piece of furniture project, you should also determine the best way to actually assemble and construct it to piece it together. When attaching pieces to each other, especially wooden pieces to the fabric materials, you would need either staple wires, tacks, or even adhesives to make sure that the piece of furniture that you have built is durable. There are special tools which would be able to help you keep the materials adhered to the frame of the furniture that you are trying to build. You would be able to find everything you need from Heico Direct, whether you want to go with the adhesives approach, or even with the staples and tacks with the help of a hammer or an applicator. You can choose between Bronze head magnetic hammer, or a nylon tip bronze hammer, or a simple steel forged magnetic hammer or even a simple tool as a handy magnetic nail and tack placer.