Top Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List

Here are some of the best cultural events in the world that anyone should attend if they can, with the pre-visit festivities adequately induced by some fun on the online platforms listed at The Brazilian Carnival (“carnival” for local residents) is one of the most exciting celebrations in the world. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is a festival that takes place every year before Lent and is considered the largest carnival in the world, with two million people on its streets every day. A typical Rio carnival parade is filled with revellers, floats, and ornaments from the many samba schools found in Rio. 

The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is known as one of the largest and best festivals in the world. It is an iconic parade in Brazil that attracts many celebrities and tourists who save money and are just a small part of this colourful event. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Brazil is considered the largest carnival in the world, with nearly 2 million carnivals in the streets every day. In fact, carnivals are held throughout Europe and America, marking the arrival of winter and welcoming spring and Lent. The Venice Carnival in Italy is unparalleled, and the roots of the carnival can also be found here. 

Although celebrated in Brazil and other Catholic countries, Rio de Janeiro has long been considered the site of the carnival, attracting millions of visitors every year. It is a euphoric event that draws over 2 million people every day to the streets of Rio, where you can have fun, sing, dance, have fun, enjoy parades and watch people in exquisite and meagre costumes whirl to the beat of samba bands. Whether it’s music, magic, beer, or personal expression, an event is happening somewhere that will set your eyes on fire, capture your soul, and exceed your expectations. As someone who loves meeting new people and gaining new experiences, I have compiled a wishlist of my top events that I hope to attend in the near future. 

Oktoberfest (or Die Wieser) is a 16-18 day festival that attracts over 6 million people from all over the world. Although the festival takes place all year round in Paris, London, Brooklyn and Atlanta, AFROPUNK Johannesburg is the perfect place to start a new year. Artists from all over the continent descend on the city to bring its vitality to its peak, with an unusual style, unique artwork and more. There are food and drink stalls, groups sing religious songs, and thousands of people from all over the world join the jubilant atmosphere created by the best festivals. 

If these festivals have already been on your wishlist or you are adding them right now, remember that these events tend to be very touristy, so best you have machines à sous at hand which you complement them with. The best festivals in the world can be the best way to experience a new place. Go to a global festival and you can get a taste of local cultural traditions in one place, you can mingle with the locals and see how they have fun at the festival. Ghana hosts intriguing festivals all year round that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.