What is Kraft paper and why is it great for paper bags?

Getting the right material for your paper bags is crucial to the overall construction of the product. If a manufacturer uses a paper bag that is too cheap, the customer will feel the impact when they use a product that breaks after only a few uses. If, however, the paper used is strong; this increases the chances of a strong customer experience with benefits for both them and your business.

Kraft paper has emerged as one of the more popular materials for paper bags thanks in part to its durability but also its overall design aesthetic. Having said that Kraft paper is relatively new to the paper bag industry and some are waiting to adopt. So, what exactly is Kraft paper and why does it work well for paper bags?

  • Kraft paper is strong, which means it can carry more

Getting a strong material for the paper bag will help it carry more. Kraft paper fulfils this need and is good if you are a company that provides heavy goods to your customers. The paper is also very tear-resistant which will add to its usable life for customers. This strength is not matched for many other paper bags that come at a lower price point at the cost of reduced overall quality.

  • Kraft paper bags are good for the environment

Paper bags are good performers for the environment in general, however, Kraft paper’s long sturdiness and composability means it is even better. This is a good bag to go for if you are an eco-conscious brand and want to provide your customers with an eco-friendly bag in addition to their purchase.

I addition to the biodegradability of Kraft paper bags, they are also very easy to recycle. They apply to most paper recycling standards. This is good for your customers (who will not have a problem of disposing of the Kraft paper bags) and you.

  • Kraft paper can be easily repurposed for packaging

Whilst Kraft paper bags are good for recycling and are biodegradable, they are also strong enough to be repurposed for other uses. Kraft paper bags make good packaging items, shredded padding and arts and crafts materials. This is good for customers who can get a lot of use out of the Kraft paper bag, and it also stops your branded bags from ending up on the street or in landfills.

Will Kraft paper bags benefit my business?

As shown Kraft paper bags carry various benefits that can help you give your customers a better end experience. They are highly recyclable, have multiple uses and will benefit your business form both a brand and an operational perspective.

Whilst these bags costly slightly more, we feel the premium is worth it given the added benefit you and your customers will get. Buying Kraft paper bags from a responsible and sensible company will maximise the chances of you getting the best product.