Why is a serviced apartment better than a normal hotel?

The hospitality industry has seen a lot of disruption recently with the rise of powerful online booking and listing platforms, however, hotels have rallied to still maintain a presence within the market. However, this may change in the future.

Many individuals are choosing to stay in serviced apartments over traditional hotels, this is in part down to price but also convenience; you are more likely to find a serviced apartment near the location you want to visit than a standard hotel. Here are some of our thoughts on why serviced apartments are becoming increasingly popular within the hospitality industry.

  • Serviced apartments are often in better locations

Having wonderful accommodation to stay in will mean nothing if the location is nowhere near the places you want to see and things you want to do. This is often an issue people find when booking hotels, which are often located in far from ideal areas in a bid to reduce costs. This is where serviced apartments come in. The large number of providers out there means you have a much greater variety to choose from, both in terms of the size of your location and also the type of accommodation.

  • You have more space to cook for yourself

One of the other reasons why people opt for serviced apartments over hotels is the fact that many will offer a serviced kitchen available with loads of amenities. This gives you more variety for the food options during your stay. If you fancy making a quick nutritious meal and staying in, a complete kitchen will give you that option.

  • A serviced apartment will often work out more cost-effective

Hotels are great, but they are also expensive, and if you are travelling in a large group they can prove one of the least cost-effective solutions. If you opt for a good quality serviced apartment, the distributed costs can often be brought down considerably. Linking to the previous point, having a kitchen could also help you reduce food costs; which are often very high in a hotel.

Find the right serviced apartments for your holiday needs

Whilst hotels do have their place in the hospitality industry, the high costs and lack of versatility are ultimately why many are going in for serviced apartments. Do your research online to find out the specifications for the apartment you are looking at and if they match the needs of your stay.