5 Reasons to Choose a Stone Patio Over a Raised Deck

If you want to make the most of your outside area, you might find yourself struggling to choose between a stone patio and a raised timber deck. Many homeowners look at a Concrete projects gallery, or a timber one, to gain a better idea of the type of patio they want at their home. While there are certainly pros and cons on both sides, most homeowners find themselves better off with a stone patio, and here are just five reasons why.

  1. Less Maintenance

Probably the biggest downside that comes with decks is that the timber they are made from just isn’t as resilient as the stone used for patios (if you want to see the sort of stone used for patios, you could have a browse at gardenstone.co.uk). Over time, that timber can rot, so it needs to be stained and sealed regularly to avoid damage. In contrast, the maintenance requirements associated with stone patios are practically non-existent.

  1. Easier Installation

While a patio sits flush with the ground, a deck needs to be anchored to your property and raised up from below. As such, installation is often a trickier affair. That means you’ll spend more money and take more time doing it.

  1. Added Privacy

The idea of sitting out on your deck taking in the sun might sound attractive, but it only really works when you’re not going to be overlooked. Unfortunately, sitting higher than ground level often makes you visible from the street or from neighbour’s gardens. Patios sit at ground level, so you can enjoy your outside space without sacrificing privacy.

  1. Fire Safety

Wooden decking is flammable, whereas a stone patio is not. This is important to consider if you smoke or if you use candles outside. You may also want to use a patio heater (check this out here for a great range of patio heaters for your garden), which will be much safer to use on a solid patio than a wooden deck.

  1. No Planning Issues

When you’re making any changes to your house, it’s important to consider whether planning permission will be required. When you fit a patio, you’ll almost never need any permits or inspections. Since raised decks sit higher and can form a falling hazard, they usually require some sort of permission.

  1. More Style Options

You can sometimes pick from a few types of timber when you build a deck, but that’s about it. When you design a patio, you can choose between several different types of natural or artificial stone and then have it laid out exactly how you want it.