6 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day gifts can be a challenge, especially if your dad doesn’t specify what he wants. While the range of gifts on the market can be dizzying, to say the least, you can narrow down your options by focusing on what your dad’s hobbies and interests are. If you’re stuck for what gifts to buy your dad when his special day comes around, why not get something personalised, or try to make something yourself, to give it a personal touch?

Knit a phone sock

Does dad’s phone always end up face down on the table, or worse the floor? Is the screen protector a little past its prime, but he insists that it still does the job? A phone sock might be a good idea to add a little extra protection. Whether you’ve been knitting for years, or whether you’re just trying out a new hobby, there are plenty of options of colors and patterns that can make it a heartfelt and unique gift for your dad.

Online Game Credits

When all else fails, gifting credit will always go down a treat. For the dad who loves online games, you could buy him credits towards this hobby. Depending on what he fancies, online gaming credits or an online bingo 5 pound deposit would make his day.

Make a sculpture

Perhaps your dad is a huge fan of a particular game or movie series, and you have been watching a lot of creative YouTube channels recently. Why not put the advice you’ve been viewing to use by getting some clay and trying your hand at sculpting that favourite character of his? The great thing with clay is that you can mess it up and start again until you get it right as long as you keep it wet. No matter how it turns out, he’ll love that you put in the time and effort to create something so thoughtful for him – you never know, you might discover a hidden talent you didn’t know that you had.

Personalised Tools

If your dad is into DIY, personalised tools can be an ideal gift. Whether it’s a few items or an entire set, engraving the handles with a special message can make this a thoughtful Father’s Day present. Alternatively, if your dad has all the tools he needs, you could opt for a personalised toolbox or bag instead.

Paint a portrait

Whether you have been honing your artistic abilities for years, or you’ve only started over the last few months, nothing is more special and personalised than a drawing or painting that you have created from scratch. Whether it is his favorite scenic view, his favourite pet, or even of him and the family, a picture that is from the heart will always say ‘I love you’ in a thousand ways.

Engraved Travel Mug

For dads on the go, a travel mug is another great gift idea. You can make this more personal by engraving it or choosing one with a special message or design. Not only will your dad be able to travel around with a warm beverage in hand, but he’ll think of you each time he drinks out of it.