Benefits of beginning origami

If, like most people, you have an abundance of old letters, newspapers and scrap paper lying around your house you may have considered the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of these papers. Many people have found other uses for old paper such as DIY envelopes and paper mailing bags, however if you’re also looking for a new hobby to fill your spare time with then you might want to consider looking at origami. There are a number of benefits to starting the craft including saving paper waste.

What is origami?

Origami is a Japanese art of folding paper into a wide variety of decorative shapes and or figures. The name comes from the Japanese words ‘oru’ which means ‘to fold’ and ‘kami’ which means ‘ paper’.

Benefits of Origami 

  1. Relaxing

One of the main reasons that people start origami is because of the relaxing qualities that come along with it. Having a methodical approach to follow towards a desired outcome can be very satisfying and peaceful. Origami can also be relaxing because of the environment that it promotes, usually people will undertake origami in a peaceful setting which helps to add to the relaxing mood of origami.

  1. Exercises the brain

Although it might not seem immediately obvious, origami uses a number of motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and also develops mental concentration. When taking part in origami, both sides of the brain are engaged as it is logic combined with creativity meaning that it can help to improve imagination and also memory. Origami can be considered as an all round brain training activity.

  1. Quality time

Depending on whether you undertake origami on your own, or in a group it is a great activity to help build relationships and strengthen bonds. Setting time aside for your family to engage in a collective activity can give you the chance to spend the quality time together that you might be missing. If you have children, getting them away from screens may be a challenge so taking time for an engaging activity can be a good way of promoting screen-free fun. 

  1. Paper saving

Origami can be a super easy activity to facilitate and help you to find another use for all the redundant newspapers and letters left lying around, by using these as materials for origami you are choosing a completely free activity making it great for all kinds of budgets. When you choose to make decorative origami, you are saving paper from the recycling bin and even landfill meaning that not only are you saving yourself some money but you are also helping to save the planet.

There are a number of benefits to starting origami as a hobby, these include physical, mental and even environmental. If you are curious about starting origami then you should start to research a number of beginner origami folds. These will help to get you started and eventually you will be able to work your way up to more complex and complicated origami projects.