Helping Charities by Being Creative and Crafting

There are lots of animal charities and other non-profit organizations that need help with fundraising, and quite often if they have a shop they are always on the lookout for unique handmade and handcrafted items that they can stock. If you are hard-pressed to find time to visit a shelter, or visit a charity and physically give your time to help out, then why not get crafty instead? Making gifts and then donating them or selling them on behalf of non-profit organizations means you can help from the comfort of your own home, all year round. It also means you get to indulge in your love of crafting.

Which Charities Can You Help?

Reach out to charities and non-profit organizations in your local area, particularly those that are helping the causes that you care about. Lots of charities list on their sites or social media pages what you can create to help them out, some even go so far as providing charts for items you can knit and crochet. Nevertheless, don’t be disheartened if the charity you care about has nothing listed; just reach out and send them an email, and tell them what you can do, and what you would like to offer.

What Will You Be Raising Money For?

The non-profit organization that you help raise money for will be able to allocate the funds you have raised in the best possible way. They will know where and how they need to spend money, and they will know what it can be spent on. For example, if you are supporting an animal rescue home or sanctuary the funds raised may pay for vet bills at easy vet clinic (an affordable vet practice) or the money may be used to pay for ever-increasing food bills. However, the raised funds are used you have peace of mind that your contributions are making a real difference, and that your hard work has helped those who are less fortunate.

What Crafts Can You Do?

It is best to focus on crafts that you love and those that you are interested in. From crocheting, to knitting, to card making, there are so many crafts you can do easily from your home and in your spare time. Lots of items that are handcrafted and handmade can be sold on behalf of the charity either within a physical store or over the internet. Quite a lot of non-profit organizations sell donated items through their social media pages, so if you wanted to you could probably watch your item being listed and sold, which may just make you feel that bit better, and might even spur you on to make and create even more items for charity.