How are wholesale ties manufactured?

Ties are a product that have their origins in the 17th century and are now available through wholesale around the world. The market is teeming with different tie manufactures but how exactly do they create the wholesale ties we know today? The short answer is there are 3 methods, by hand, by machine, or a mixed approach incorporating them both.

  1. Creating bespoke wholesale ties by hand

This is one of the oldest ways of making wholesale ties. In modern methods, a transparent template is used when forming the tie to ensure the design is symmetrical. After this the two parts of the tie are stitched together. Good tie manufacturers will always ensure the design is consistent across the tie.

Interestingly, many new businesses are now offering handmade goods at a premium. The tie market has been part of this trend and many now prefer bespoke handmade ties over machine ones.

  • Manufacturing wholesale ties by machine

Producing wholesale ties via a machine is by far the most popular way of production. The tie will usually go on a Jacquard loom. Developed in 1801 by Joseph Marie Jacquard, this machine revolutionised the way textiles (including ties) were manufactured. They significantly reduced the level of human involvement needed to make wholesale ties.

In more modern times increased technological integration has made the loom more effective at producing wholesale ties with minimal defects. This means more intricate designs can be used in the production of your ties.

  • Using a hybrid approach

Whilst developments have made quality wholesale ties more accessible to the masses, many manufacturers still opt for a combined approach. This allows the development of more quality ties. In these scenarios, elements of the design stitching and drawing will be done by hand.

Expert tie manufactures incorporate all approaches There are 3 distinct ways that wholesale ties are made, however most experienced will use a combination of the different approaches. If you are entering the market for new wholesale ties for your business make sure you do your research and find a tie manufacturer with a track record.