How to get more affordable city centre accommodation

Finding accommodation is one part of trips that most people find tedious. We often spend time trawling through reviews, comparing choices, and spending hours trying to find a good deal.

We’ve highlighted some of the ways you might be able to find accommodation that is more affordable, particularly when looking for accommodation in cities such as Bristol or Manchester.

Look out of season

If you can, try and go away outside of school holidays and avoiding peak times of the year such as December, Easter, or the summer holidays.

Usually things get a little quieter and a cheaper between September and December, and between January and March, so you should aim to go away during these periods when less people are likely to be booking family holidays or summer trips.

Going out of season can be better for many tourist-heavy cities, allowing you to explore more freely.

Opt for weekdays

Weekends will typically be more highly priced by many accommodation providers, as they know that many people will want stays on these days instead of during the working week.

For this reason, it is best to look for a weekday trip if you can as you are likely to find that accommodation is more reasonably priced or that some hotels offer better deals.  

Look for alternative accommodation

When searching for accommodation for holidays or trips away, many people automatically begin their search for a hotel. However, there are other options available.

Serviced apartments are a fantastic option for those looking for a city getaway, and offer the privacy you need but with added benefits of comfort you would find in your own home. These self-catered apartments are a great option for those who want to take things at their own pace. 

AirBnB is a great place to look for accommodation that is affordable and often unique, as these properties are often people’s homes that they rent out. These are usually self-catered, unlike a tradition B&B where you will be served breakfast in the morning.

Otherwise, for those looking for a bargain it is worth checking out hostels. Whilst many are wary of hostels, they are great for those looking to keep spending low and many even offer private rooms as well as dorms.